The “Infernal Dictionary” by Jacques Collin de Plancy is a seminal work on the study of demonology, providing a comprehensive account of various demons and their hierarchies. The book was first published in 1818 and underwent numerous revisions and reprints over the years, with the 1863 edition being the most famous.

The 1863 edition of the book, which is the most well-known, contains sixty-nine illustrations by Louis Le Breton that depict the appearances of several demons. These illustrations have been widely used in other works on demonology and the occult.

However, the “Infernal Dictionary” is not just a catalog of demons. It also explores a wide range of topics related to superstitions and beliefs related to the occult and the supernatural. For instance, it provides accounts of various divinations, grimoires, and traditions that were widely practiced during that time.

Collin de Plancy’s initial skepticism regarding superstitions and the supernatural gradually subsided over time, and he eventually became a devout Roman Catholic. As a result, his later works show a significant shift in tone and perspective from his earlier works.

In his later years, Collin de Plancy revised his “Infernal Dictionary” to align with Roman Catholic theology, rejecting and modifying his earlier works. The sixth and final edition of the book, published in 1863, reflects this shift in perspective and contains numerous engravings that aim to affirm the existence of demons.

The “Infernal Dictionary” has since become a classic reference work for anyone interested in the study of demonology, the occult, and the supernatural. Its influence can still be felt today, as it continues to inspire and inform contemporary works of horror and the paranormal.

Moreover, the book is also notable for its historical significance. It offers a unique perspective on the supernatural beliefs of the time and the popular culture of the 19th century. As such, it is not only a valuable resource for those interested in demonology and the occult but also a fascinating window into the history and cultural zeitgeist of the period.

The “Infernal Dictionary” is a remarkable work that continues to captivate and intrigue readers, inspiring countless works of literature, art, and film that explore the dark and mysterious world of the supernatural.

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