Is the ladder to success leading you away from the stairway to Heaven?

In this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen and Devin Schadt discuss the challenging balance between work and worship.

They understand how today’s hustle culture makes it difficult to pursue a career and maintain a sanctified life, because we often find our professional lives consuming the time and energy meant for our spiritual growth and family.

At the root of this is a critical, but common mistake that many make today: not reconciling the false dichotomy between our work life and spiritual life. “I think a lot of times we just look at spiritual life as something that’s kind of way over there…then I’ve got all this that we call life over here,” says Devin.

While we all want to be successful, he says “if we really want that success, that joy, that peace, we’ve got to surrender to God.”

Balancing success with sanctity is not only possible, but actually necessary for anyone striving to live a truly fulfilled life. Devin encourages listeners to start integrating faith into every aspect of their lives, including their careers. “God wants his power, his love, his creativity, his life to become very practical in ours.”

To those struggling to find the balance, the gentlemen explain how to recognize the signs of work becoming an idol, such as neglecting prayer, family time, or community responsibilities.

“Identify your list of distractions… then say, ‘Okay Lord, I’m sacrificing this on the altar to you.’”

They stress the importance of prayerful discernment, setting boundaries, and seeking continued guidance from the Church for help navigating the difficulties of modern professional life.

This episode has some great advice to make sure your career leads not away from, but towards Heaven! 🙏

Watch below 👇

Let’s lead with faith in our spiritual AND work lives!

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