In a message to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Pope Francis highlighted the pressing need to combat the worldwide issue of food waste.

He labeled this wasteful behavior as not just an environmental concern, but a deep moral failing in the face of global hunger.

Pope Francis emphasized, “Food thrown away is an affront to the poor.”

Those words resonate deeply in a world where many still rummage through trash for their next meal, while vast quantities of food get discarded daily. Such wastage is not just a loss of food, but it represents a disregard for what goes into food production. He said, “Throwing food away means failing to value the sacrifice, labor, and energy costs.”

Pope Francis also dismissed the notion that rising global populations are the primary reasons for hunger.

Instead, he pointed out the flawed system that prioritizes profit over the equitable distribution of Earth’s resources. He stated that the underlying problem lies in “the lack of concrete political will to redistribute the earth’s goods.”

In urging for a shift in mindset, the Holy Father reminded us of the spiritual significance of food, which goes beyond mere sustenance. “Food has a spiritual basis,” he said, emphasizing its role in upholding human dignity.

On the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, Pope Francis’ words are a timely call to action.

He encourages everyone, from policymakers to individuals, to recognize the gravity of food waste and work collaboratively towards ensuring a world where food is valued and shared equitably.

Pray for an end to food waste and hunger!


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