A fresh episode of The Catholic Talk Show breaks down what it means to be a truly masculine man in the light of Christ’s teachings.

Hosts Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse and Father Rich Pagano, in company with the insightful John Heinen from The Catholic Gentleman, dive deep into Jesus’ distinct qualities: courage, humility, vulnerability and resilience.

“All the cars and girls in the world can’t make you more masculine. You are already masculine by virtue of your creation and your image” Heinen proclaims, shedding light on the core notion that true masculinity transcends societal norms and is rather entrenched in individual character and virtues.

Jesus Christ’s life is an illuminating guide for every man. His demonstration of leadership in family, work and spiritual life clearly portrays what genuine masculinity entails. The idea is not about dominating others but about serving them, as exemplified by Jesus.

Highlighting Pope John Paul II’s wise words, Father Pagano emphasizes, “Man cannot fully find himself except through the sincere gift of self.” They collectively underscore the fact that embodying Christ-like leadership implies leading with kindness, humility and forgiveness, even if these traits go against conventional societal expectations.

The term ‘sub-masculinity’ also crops up, referring to men concealing their insecurities with aggressive demonstrations of power. However, the guys argue that authentic strength shines through maintaining internal equilibrium, showing mercy and keeping commitments. Heinen elaborates, “We are called to be men who are in control of our passions and desires so that we can be men for others.”

The guys encourage pursuing virtues like patience, gratitude and self-sacrifice, all deeply embedded in Jesus’ teachings. Heinen adds, “One thing we do know is that Christ had inner strength. This is what we need to be working on.”

Scheel concludes the episode with a powerful reminder, “Christ was compassionate, we need to be compassionate to others.”

Learn how Jesus Christ exemplifies true masculinity:

Let’s embrace strength, compassion and leadership, just like Jesus did!

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