Have we fully recognized the deep-seated legacy of Pope Benedict XVI, who waged a relentless battle against modernism?

Recently on The Catholic Talk Show, hosts Ryan Scheel, Ryan DellaCrosse and Father Rich Pagano welcomed esteemed author and educator Joseph Pearce for an enlightening episode on the monumental impact Pope Benedict had on the Catholic faith.

During their conversation, Pearce shed light on some of the often overlooked and misunderstood aspects of his papacy.

“We have to see Benedict XVI also as Cardinal Ratzinger because he was Saint John Paul II’s right-hand man for a quarter of a century,” he explained.

“The more you understand the earlier Ratzinger, you see a continuum with the full-grown Benedict XVI that we see as Pope.”

According to Pearce, this unity and collaboration between Pope Benedict and Saint John Paul II were instrumental in combating the tide of modernism threatening to infiltrate the Church.

“We should be most grateful for him are the things in which he’s attacked,” Pearce shared, “the fact that alongside Saint John Paul II, the tide was turned on The Madness of modernism.”

Pearce also underscored Pope Benedict’s profound understanding and staunch defense of the Liturgy as a cornerstone of his papacy.

“Benedict considers his defense of the Liturgy as the most important part of his pontificate.”

The guys also probed into the controversial nature of Pope Benedict’s resignation. Despite initial disappointment, they voiced understanding and respect for his decision.

“If a Pope felt he was no longer able to do the job, he should feel free to abdicate the position.

They further revealed that “he was suffering from intense insomnia during the last years of his pontificate,” a fact shared by Benedict’s personal secretary, which likely contributed to his decision.

Regardless of unfounded criticism, Pope Benedict XVI’s teachings continue to guide the faithful and have a significant impact on the Church.

“Defending his legacy so that it can continue to have an impact on the future of the Church is a very important thing.”

Discover how the teachings and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI hold invaluable lessons for us today:

Let’s honor Pope Benedict XVI’s legacy by revisiting his writings, exploring his teachings, and discovering how they can enrich our faith and guide the Church into the future!

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