The United States has a rare and special distinction it can bestow upon non-citizens: the title of honorary US citizenship.

This isn’t a regular occurrence and takes a declaration from either the president or an Act of Congress to materialize.

Among the select few who’ve received this honor, only two were alive when they were granted this title. One of these distinguished figures was none other than the Catholic saint Mother Teresa!

A symbol of compassion and humanitarian work, Mother Teresa, born of Albanian descent, made her mark in India. There, she founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, serving the poorest of the poor and making significant strides in bettering their lives. Her remarkable endeavors weren’t just recognized in India.

The US recognized her exceptional contributions to humanity, and in 1996, she was bestowed the honor of being an honorary US citizen.

What makes this more compelling is that this isn’t a regular title given out.

Very few people in history have this distinction. To be granted this while alive speaks volumes of Mother Teresa’s global impact. Sir Winston Churchill shares this rare honor with her, having also been awarded the honorary citizenship during his lifetime.

In a world where we often celebrate celebrities and politicians, it’s refreshing and heartwarming to know that humanitarian efforts can also receive such high recognition, standing as a testament to the universal value of kindness and service.

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