Mother Teresa, born in Skopje on 26 August 1910, was a beacon of love and faith. Despite her small stature, she was unwavering in her mission to declare God’s immense love for humanity, particularly the extremely impoverished. “God still loves the world and sends us to be His love and compassion for the poor,” she proclaimed.

Born as Gonxha Agnes to parents Nikola and Drane Bojaxhiu, her journey of faith began early. She received her First Communion at five and was confirmed in 1916. After her father’s untimely death, her mother Drane became a significant influence in molding Gonxha’s faith and character. By eighteen, driven by missionary aspirations, she joined the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland. Upon arriving in India in 1929, she adopted the name Sister Mary Teresa. By 1937, she was known as Mother Teresa.

In 1946, a divine “inspiration” changed her life. During a train journey, she felt a deep urge to quench Jesus’ thirst for love and serve the poorest. This led to the formation of the religious community, the Missionaries of Charity, in 1950, which dedicated itself to serving the destitute.

Her dedication was relentless. She expanded her congregation globally, even into communist territories. Her initiatives weren’t confined to religious vocations. She introduced several branches and movements to involve laity, priests, and others.

Mother Teresa’s work did not go unnoticed. Accolades like the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and the Indian Padmashri Award in 1962 were testimonies to her monumental impact. However, her internal spiritual journey remained largely hidden, marked by a profound sense of separation from God, which she termed “the darkness.” Yet, this spiritual desolation only intensified her union with Him.

Despite health challenges, she tirelessly served until her death on 5 September 1997. Recognizing her unparalleled service, she received a state funeral in India.

Traditionally, the process for sainthood starts five years posthumously. But due to Mother Teresa’s unparalleled influence, Pope John Paul II permitted the inquiry to begin earlier. Even then, the stringent requirements were maintained. Her beatification, announced in 2002, was notably rapid and was celebrated in 2003.

Mother Teresa once said, “By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.” Her life and service remain a testament to these words.

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  1. She is one of those to whom I give my greatest admiration; one of those who, though I never met, have greatly influenced my life; and if I become anything good in this life, one of those who would take credit for that. Thanks a lot, O God, for such a great gift you gave to our world in the person of Mother Teresa. Thanks too, Blessed Mother Teresa, for being God’s love shown to people. Please, pray for us that the fire of God’s love may be kindled in us.

    • Wonderful testimonial to a saint’s impact in the lives of people! She did not just evangelize by words but by her very life! Mother Teresa, may you continue to pray and intercede on behalf of the poor people in the world and those who have lost their way by killing the unborn and the “hopelessly ill.”

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  2. my father and mother both always wanted to give the little extra money they had. for it to go to mother teresa the poorest of the poor. instead of flowers at the funeral they did tell us send money to mother teresa instead. then i think they send us father richard to watford .my parents surely must have had a hand in this. until today and always she will be our most admired saint . we love you mother teresa now and arnold cindy and marty minten.

  3. Mother Teresa comes to me nearly always, especially when I am down and out. It happend after her death. Suddenly I am aware of her in a vision of sorts, as if from nowhere. Though I like her much I did not give much thought to her, but after she came to my mind in regular fashion I started to think about her. I am born cynic, I just don’t take such things seriously but now I have to…once I beleive I dreamt her (by the way I do have dreams of Mass being conducted in beautiful ornate churches which has a construct of bright gold as inner themes) I don’t remeber what the dream was, but I do remember being surprised to see her. The whole point during those ‘visions’ would be ‘why are you worried when God has taken full care of you’

  4. Blessed Mother Teresa please pray for all the children in my family to stay on the right path and to be healed of any illness they may have. For all the children in the world to be kept safe from harm.

  5. Blessed Mother Teresa’s contributions to humanity, especially to the poorest of the poor, can never be surpassed in this generation, or in the next.

    I hope and pray that one of her miracles would be: “That all human beings can at least do half as much as what she had accomplished, or half as much as all those whom she loved.”

    Blessed Mother Teresa, pray for us to make our hearts like unto the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  6. Whenever i am low of have any important activity, i do the Novena to Mother Teresa – The answer has always been positive. She is a valuable inspiration and has greatly impacted my life as a christian – Mother, thank You for EVERYTHING as you continue interceding for us.

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  7. Milton, please talk to a spiritual director or regular confessor about those visions. If you don’t have either please go straight to your parish priest.

    No one should ask for visions nor willingly accept any regardless of how beautiful they may be. Satan will and has many times taken the form of an angel of light, even of Our Lady and Our Lord to deceive and he will take full advantage of those seeking supernatural experiences and visions!

    God bless you,


  8. It was my pleasure to meet Blessed Mother Theresa in the South Bronx NYC, when she came to visited all her nuns. I was blessed and touch by her present three times. I Love her and all the nuns around the world. I am blessed and honor with Blessed Mother Theresa today and everyday. Thank you and God Bless Everyone to all. I Love you with all my heart and soul.

  9. Blessed Mother Theresa pray for me a miserable sinner. I humbly ask for God’s blessings and forgiveness and help me be closer to HIM.

  10. Dear Mother Teresa, Please intercede with Our Lord to heal and comfort two children afflicted with brain cancer— Charles B. and Marley H. Their families have great faith, but the pain their children must suffer is testing it mightily. Please ask Our Lord for His help!

  11. Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us. Extinguish the disordered appeal in vulnerable unknowing victims of new age gnosticism, the occult, freemasonry, polytheism, atheism, globalism, socialism, marxism, communism, etc. Wreak havoc on the demonic claws that clutch at souls on the brink of self-harm and defeatest mindsets which interfere with their worship of the One True God. Claim them back for Christ, in steadfast humility and fortitude. Amen.

  12. Saint Joseph, terror of demons, cleanse this site from insensitive mischievous abuse. Saints Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, Louis-Marie de Montfort, Anthony of Padua, Gemma Galgani, pray for us. Amen.

  13. All this fuss over the queen’s passing … to whom unrelenting homage was paid to someone so undeserving in comparison to Mother Teresa makes me think how sick and misguided this fallen world is. From someone who had everything, placed on a pedestal and bowed to, curtsied and admired who was filthy rich and commanded respect wherever she travelled on her luxurious yacht to a woman who cared for no-one and nothing but others especially the poorest of the poor. Selfless to the extreme. To me she was the REAL queen here on earth.

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