Where Leaders Are Empowered to Lead

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., and Timothy Busch founded the Napa Institute to form Catholics leaders so that they can help to The Napa Institute seeks to enable Catholic leaders to face this new culture’s challenges

Beholding Our Mother

Mary was declared to be our Mother at the climax of God’s revealing His love for us. What does this mean for us in our spiritual life?

How To Evangelize Teens

Teens are thirsting for the true, the good and the beautiful, just like the rest of us, even if they don’t realize exactly what it is that they are searching for. Lately, I’ve encountered some encouraging stories of teens responding to the invitation to go deeper into their relationship with Christ.

Spiritually Adopt A Child In Need Of Protection!

Holy Heroes, a Catholic company that provides educational resources for children, is spearheading a 9-month Spiritual Adoption program for families beginning May 1.

The Priest On The Titanic: The Last Voyage Of Fr. Thomas...

By K. V. Turley On board in all directions there was the sound of running feet. It was clear there was something wrong. Before hearing...

Looking Back: The Election Of Pope Francis

Habemus Papam! Looking back at the official Vatican video of the Election of Pope Francis on March 13, 2013.

Catholic Press Bridges Differences to Denounce Death Penalty

Diverse Catholic media organizations have come together to issue a joint statement denounce the death penalty.

A Johnny Cash Lent

This Lent, let’s be more like Johnny Cash! Let’s admit our faults and our shortcomings but do it with the confidence that they are not what defines us.

Stephen Colbert Talks About His Catholic Faith to Fr. James Martin

Steven Colbert answers questions about the Catholic Faith from Fr. James Martin, S.J. which leads to some good reflection. Who is your favorite saint? Favorite scripture? Hymn?

Being Single Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain

Singlehood is about growing in virtue and holiness and living a life of service toward others, becoming a good brother, sister, and friend. This is the first level of vocation –to become a good person. The second level is committed relationships with others. For a married person, their commitment is to their spouse. For the single person, their commitment is to God to live a life of chastity and not “give themselves away” to someone else. If you are single, this time is a chance to strengthen the relationship between yourself and God.