This Bible Was Found Melted To A Piece Of Steel From...

This Bible was found melted to a chunk of steel from the World Trade Center. The page it was permanently opened to will astonish and inspire you...

A Hidden Saint for a Church in Crisis

An 18th-century saint and mystic has suddenly become known in the Middle East and has astonished all those who read her story. Her extraordinary writings have recently been re-discovered by a new generation and are gaining popularity.  What does this mean for our age of crisis and unbelief?

Call No Man Father? How Priests Got Their Name

One of the most well known hallmarks of the Catholic Church is the priestly honorific: father. We are accustomed to calling our priests father, and even address the pope as Holy Father. Where did this tradition come from?

This Is Where Saint Joseph’s Incorrupt Body Is According To A...

It has been said that somewhere, buried deep in Bethlehem, is the body of Saint Joseph, still intact and incorrupt, frozen in time.

Have Courage and Do Not Fear the Assaults of the Devil...

As a priest, Padre Pio’s life was like a battlefield. He faced persecution from within and without. From the rigorous investigations of his phenomenal stigmata to being forbidden to undergo many priestly duties, not once did he complain, disobey or rebel.

One Simple Reason I Won’t Leave The Catholic Church

It’s appalling. Any human being with a modicum of decency is horrified by the abuse uncovered by the Pennsylvania Attorney General in the Grand...

Is This The ACTUAL Home Where Our Lady & Saint John...

According to tradition, after the Resurrection and Ascension, Saint John did indeed take Our Lady into his own home, eventually living in Ephesus, in modern-day Turkey.

The Origin of Satan: How Does the Devil Get His Name?

The great serpent goes by many a name: Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Devil, and Lucifer to name a few. What do all of these names mean, and where do they come from?

Did You Know? The Strange Reason Why Every Goodbye “Begins” with...

One of the most popular words in the English language, it's said daily without so much as a second thought. Despite how common the farewell greeting is however, few are aware that "goodbye" actually finds its origin in a simple parting prayer.

How The Ancient Catholic Church Dealt With Priest Sex Offenders

In the ancient Catholic Church, the punishments for clergy who sexually preyed on victims were not as relatively urbane as these modern approaches. 

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