This Bible Was Found Melted To A Piece Of Steel From...

This Bible was found melted to a chunk of steel from the World Trade Center. The page it was permanently opened to will astonish and inspire you...

Call No Man Father? How Priests Got Their Name

One of the most well known hallmarks of the Catholic Church is the priestly honorific: father. We are accustomed to calling our priests father, and even address the pope as Holy Father. Where did this tradition come from?

The Origin of Satan: How Does the Devil Get His Name?

The great serpent goes by many a name: Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Devil, and Lucifer to name a few. What do all of these names mean, and where do they come from?

Did You Know? The Strange Reason Why Every Goodbye “Begins” with...

One of the most popular words in the English language, it's said daily without so much as a second thought. Despite how common the farewell greeting is however, few are aware that "goodbye" actually finds its origin in a simple parting prayer.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lost Prophetic Message on Abuse in the...

Nearly 55 years ago, Tolkien offered a prophetic message on having unwavering belief despite grave scandal in the clergy: a beautiful hymn on the Faith and Eucharist, a sorrowful lament on scandal and sin.

How Much Is the Pope Paid for Being the Pope?

What does the leader of one of the largest organizations on Earth and shepherd to a flock of over one billion faithful make in a year? It might surprise you to learn the salary that comes with the responsibility of being the Supreme Pontiff.

Lent: Why We Fast

We don’t do it because we think that some good thing like food or technology are bad. We do it because we recognize that we are bad and need to overcompensate to become good.

Traditional Catholic Grievance Fatigue & Protesting Corruption

There are more constructive ways to address the crisis than the cycle of blame we seem to be caught in.

The Liberal Hypocrisy On Sex

Prior to the sexual revolution, our society had a certain legal and moral consensus on sexual behaviour. Then certain factions in society started pushing for a cultural shift that produced the sexual revolution based on a desire to liberalize sexuality in western society.

How Christianity Led to Science

There’s this narrative out there that says that science arose in Christian Europe in spite of the antagonism of the religious authorities against reason. It portrays the scientific revolution as the inevitable triumph of reason over superstition.