In the gospel from the Mass today, Luke 4:1-13, we hear about Jesus being filled with the Holy Spirit, being led into the wilderness for 40 days, and then being tempted by the devil. This reading fills us with hope as we see Jesus showing us the way to conquer the devil. First, Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that we are filled with at our Baptism and Confirmation. This gift of the Holy Spirit prepares and strengthens us for the temptations we face every day. Jesus is tempted by the devil who also tempts us. We can look to Jesus to see how He avoids falling into the allure of sin. The gospel tells us that Jesus fasted. What a great reminder for us to remember that in our Lenten fast, we are being strengthened in our journey. By allowing Himself to be tempted, Jesus shows us the way out of the trappings of sin. Satan tempts us by appealing to our passions – passions for power and pleasure. By fasting, we unite ourselves to Jesus, remembering what He has done for us, and allowing ourselves to be transformed. There is true freedom in detaching from the chains that hold us captive to sin. By imitating Jesus and His love for the Father, and by God’s grace we can share in this victory over sin. As we go through this Lenten season, may we all be strengthened as we share in the cross of Christ, knowing it leads to the joy of the Resurrection.

Chris+Katie present a weekly program on Wednesdays at St. Elizabeth Seton in Carmel, Indiana called Awaken to the BEST® which draws over 150 women each week. The BEST is an acronym for Blessed Mother, Eucharist & Other Sacraments, Scripture & Saints, and Traditions of the Catholic Faith. With no homework, the women simply come together in community to encourage and inspire one another to become the women God created them to be…women of faith!

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