Saint Benedict the Moor (1526-1589) was born a slave near Messina, Italy, where his parents were slaves brought from Africa. At 18 years old, he was freed by his master and did farm work for a wage and soon saved enough to buy a pair of oxen. He was very proud of those animals. In time he became a solitary, eventually settling with other hermits at Montepellegrino.

He was made superior of the community, but when he was about thirty-eight, Pope Pius IV disbanded communities of solitaries, and he became a Franciscan lay brother and the cook at St. Mary’s convent near Palermo. He was appointed, against his will, superior of the convent when it opted for the reform, though he could neither read nor write.

After serving as superior, he became novice master but asked to be relieved of this post and return to his former position of cook.

His holiness, reputation for miracles, and his fame as a confessor brought hordes of visitors to see the obscure and humble cook. He died at the convent, was canonized in 1807/ After Benedict’s death, King Philip III of Spain paid for a special tomb for this holy friar.

Canonized in 1807, he is honored as a patron saint of African-Americans.

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  1. Thank you – St BENEDICT the African intercede for all people , this shows that God has no favorite Amen as Jesus appeared to ”The boy who saw Jesus ‘ could not read or write but He sent him into the deepest of Africa to tell the people what HE (Jesus) wanted of them also to give them the message that ‘He is coming again soon’ Amen

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  3. St.Benedict,,,,,already a Saint for the suffering ALL black peoples have had to endure!!!!!!!
    This Black Man,,,,,,turned his enslavement,,,,,,,to being a most needed FATHER to his flock!!!!!!!!!
    Our God does work in MYSTERIOUS WAYS,,,,,,,,,,,,
    St.Benedict,,,,,,,,please PRAY for your BLACK CATHOLICS……ESPECIALLY!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear St. Benedict the Moor, Please pray for us during this coronavirus time, and ask the sweet Lord to put an end to it. To bless all those who have died because of it, and to help the people who are still living to come through it. Amen.

  5. St. Benedict the Moor please pray for me. Begging for removal of dark forces and evil spirits and shame. May The Good Lord grant me Mercy and Forgiveness.


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