Have you ever heard God whisper something to your heart that made you pause and say, “…Hold on a second, God. How will that be possible?”  That’s how Abraham must have felt in today’s first reading. God promised to make Abraham the father of all nations, yet he was in his old age and childless! Abraham probably scratched his head a bit, but he ultimately decided to trust God’s revelation.

I experienced something similar a few years ago.  After graduating from college, I realized that God was calling me to use my creative talents to start a business for His glory. I remember thinking, “Hold on a second, God. I don’t know the first thing about starting a business. I have no idea how taxes work, how shipping works, nothing!” Despite my many hangups and fears, I decided to trust His plan. Fast forward about 5 years, and I am so glad that I trusted God to lead me on this beautiful and fulfilling journey that I could not have dreamt for myself!

When we look back on our journeys and remember all of the amazing places God lead us to or all of the challenges he lead us through, we know that God is trustworthy. God is faithful, and he keeps His promises. Though the path may seem hazy, God has you by the hand and is leading you step by step. Trust that He knows where He is going and that He will never lead you astray.

Lindsay Trezza is a graphic designer and illustrator constantly looking for new & exciting ways to make the Catholic faith more tangible in today’s distracted world. When she’s not painting or dreaming of new product ideas for JustLovePrints.com, you can find her chasing after her toddler, eating ice cream with her husband, and stopping to smell the roses (literally).



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  1. and how to discern the voice ?!
    i hear “a call or a feeling” (to describe it bluntly) to marry a certain woman
    she doesn’t even want to go out with me for a cup of coffee and is avoiding me


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