A 23-year-old woman who survived the 2016 Brussels airport bombing died by euthanasia in Belgium, one of two countries in the world with legal euthanasia for mental illness.

Although she survived the blast and didn’t suffer any injuries, Shanti De Corte’s mother Marielle said she suffered from mental trauma afterwards.

“That day really cracked her, she never felt safe after that.

She didn’t want to go anywhere where other people were, out of fear.

She also had frequent panic attacks and she never got rid of it.”

De Corte’s euthanization was approved earlier this year by two psychiatrists following years of struggling with her mental health.

However, an investigation was opened into the case because a neurologist at the UZC Brugman academic clinical hospital in Brussels argued the decision “was made prematurely.”

Pope Francis has made the value of life a focus of his papacy.

He has condemned euthanasia not as freedom, but as reducing the person to a “thing.”

He’s also said euthanasia and assisted suicide is “discarding the patient” masquarading as “false compassion.”

In 2017, he even talked an acid attack victim out of suicide.

🙏 Pray that the dignity of all is respected!

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