In the heart of Gaza, adjacent to the Al-Shifa hospital—a site of intense conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas—lies a small convent of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.

Here, three nuns face an immense challenge: caring for around 60 vulnerable individuals, including the elderly and disabled, amidst severe shortages and dangers.

The situation in Gaza has been dire since the beginning of the war. Israeli authorities have accused Hamas of using medical facilities like Al-Shifa hospital as shields. This has impacted not only the hospital but also nearby institutions, including the small convent.

Father Francis Xavier Rayappangari, an India-based priest in communication with the sisters, paints a harrowing picture, according to AsiaNews and CruxNow.

The convent is struggling with basic necessities—food, water, medicine, electricity, and gas are scarce. The nuns prioritize their residents, often subsisting on minimal sustenance themselves. “One day they had just one loaf of bread shared among the three,” Father Rayappangari revealed. “The other day it was just an orange, and the three sisters shared it among them.”

The fighting has also posed a constant threat to the safety of those in the convent and the surrounding area. Tragic stories have emerged, like that of a woman who was fatally shot as she stepped outside a nearby parish, says Father Rayappangari.

Despite the offer from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to evacuate the nuns, they have chosen to stay, committed to caring for those who cannot leave.

Let’s pray for these nuns and their courageous commitment to serving the most vulnerable!


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