In his soon-to-be-released memoir, Pope Francis unequivocally dispelled any rumors of an impending resignation.

The memoir, titled “Life: My Story Through History,” is a reflection on his tenure and the challenges that have accompanied his papacy. Pope Francis also took the opportunity to address the speculation surrounding his health and potential resignation, clarifying that he has no immediate plans to step down.

There are “no conditions for resignation,” the Pope said. He added that he’s “in good health and, God willing, there are many projects still to be realized.”

In the memoir, Pope Francis also discusses issues facing the Church today. Among these is the approval of blessings for same-sex unions, a move that has sparked debate within the Church. He stands firm in his decision, emphasizing that God loves everyone, “especially sinners,” and that dissent among the bishops does not equate to a schism within the Church.

Addressing his critics head-on, Pope Francis acknowledges the pain caused by accusations of undermining the papacy. He remains resolute, however, in his mission to reform the Church, making it more pastoral and inclusive.

“There was a strong desire to change things,” he explains.

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