Pope Francis recently participated in the Vatican’s “24 Hours for the Lord” initiative at San Pio V all’Aurelio parish in Rome.

This annual event, aimed at promoting extended periods of confession and adoration across dioceses worldwide, saw the pontiff engaging directly with the faithful by hearing confessions and delivering a written homily on Lenten reflection and renewal.

This year’s theme, “Walking in the New Life,” was meant to be a reminder of the journey of interior reflection that Lent invites, a path to rediscovering one’s baptismal purity through God’s mercy.

During his address, Pope Francis highlighted the inexhaustible nature of divine forgiveness, urging believers to embrace the sacrament of reconciliation as a cornerstone of Christian life.

“It is not a moralistic gesture but the resurrection of the heart,” he wrote, emphasizing the transformational power of genuinely seeking and receiving God’s forgiveness.

Pope Francis explained the concept of new life in Christ, stressing the importance of continual movement towards spiritual renewal. “With the face of God clouded, we remain on the path, but we need new signs, a change of pace,” he wrote.

The Pope encouraged the faithful to seek a deeper communion with God, facilitated by the grace of forgiveness, to truly embody the newness of life promised in baptism.

Photo credit: Thoom / Shutterstock.com
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