During a private meeting with priests at the Pontifical Salesian University on June 11, Pope Francis reportedly used a derogatory term to describe homosexual tendencies.

The Pope allegedly said, “In the Vatican, there is an air of faggotry,” according to sources cited by Italian news agencies ANSA, Adnkronos, and Silere Non Possum.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Pope Francis has reportedly used the Italian slur frociaggine. On May 20, the Pope used the same term during a closed-door meeting with Italian bishops, leading to a Vatican apology.

In his remarks to the priests, Pope Francis said caution is needed with the admission of individuals with homosexual tendencies to seminaries. “If a young man wants to enter the seminary and has a homosexual tendency: stop him.”

Despite these remarks, the Pope reiterated the importance of welcoming and accompanying individuals with homosexual tendencies in the Church. “There are so many good people. Accompany them, help them, Send them to psychologists. Please, however, be careful when receiving them in the seminary.”

The Holy See Press Office has not provided a complete transcript of the Pope’s remarks, instead summarizing the dialogue with select quotations.

Editorial credit: Alessia Pierdomenico / Shutterstock.com
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