According to multiple reports, during a Vatican meeting on November 20th, Pope Francis decided to revoke Cardinal Burke’s Vatican apartment and salary.

Cardinal Burke, an expert in canon law, has been a significant figure within the Church, often engaging with Catholic media in the United States. Known for his traditional stance, Burke has been in contention with Pope Francis over various matters throughout Francis’ papacy.

Particularly contentious have been his challenges to the Pope’s approach to issues like LGBTQ+ outreach and the Church’s reform agenda. Burke’s opposition culminated in the issuance of dubia—formal questions posed to the Pope, seeking clarification on various doctrinal matters.

Pope Francis is said to have justified his decision by citing Burke as a source of “disunity” in the Church. A Vatican official, preferring anonymity, relayed that the Pope does not view Burke’s actions as conducive to the Church’s unity and progress.

This action against Cardinal Burke is not isolated. Earlier this month, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, was dismissed following a Vatican investigation. These moves are apparently said to signal a potential shift in the Pope’s approach to dissent within the Church’s ranks.

Pray for the pope and Cardinal Burke!


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