Nottingham Cathedral will be the solemn setting this Friday, December 1, for the funeral of baby Indi Gregory, a young life that captured international attention. The service will be led by Bishop Patrick McKinney, who has extended his support to the grieving family.

Indi, an eight-month-old who tragically lost her battle with a rare mitochondrial disease, had been at the heart of a poignant end-of-life legal dispute. Dean Gregory, Indi’s father, remarked on the upcoming service, “We’re going to give her the best send-off we can – and she deserves it.” He emphasized the Christian essence of the ceremony, with choir and organ music planned, and Indi’s favorite musical lamb toy to accompany her.

In a gesture of international solidarity, the Italian government, which had earlier attempted to intervene in Indi’s case, has offered to cover the funeral expenses. This offer came after their unsuccessful efforts to transfer Indi to the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome for specialized treatment. Dean Gregory expressed gratitude and sorrow, stating, “It’s amazing. It makes you feel emotional but also sad, as you question what the UK has done to help.”

The Cathedral has announced that while the service will primarily focus on celebrating Indi’s life and supporting her family, it will also highlight ongoing discussions around the ethics of treatment and parental rights in such complex medical cases.

Indi’s story has resonated deeply, leading to widespread debate and drawing attention from high-profile figures including Pope Francis and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, both of whom sent personal letters of condolence to the family.

The Cathedral has requested respect for the family’s privacy, with boundaries set for media coverage. However, the service will be live-streamed, allowing a broader audience to join in honoring and remembering baby Indi Gregory.

Pray for Indi Gregory!


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