On May 4, 2024, Pope Francis addressed leaders of Équipes Notre-Dame in a meeting at the Vatican.

Equipes Notre-Dame is an international lay Catholic movement that supports married couples in strengthening their spiritual lives and enhancing the Catholic values of their families.

At the meeting, Pope Francis explained the importance of marital support in the Church to counteract the current “cultural storm” facing families. He said “it is a true mission to accompany couples!” 

Pope Francis also explained how Christian communities provide necessary support for married couples. He said that “loneliness does a great deal of harm,” hence the importance of creating support networks that foster family relationships and diminish the isolation felt by many couples.

Helping nurturing newlyweds integrate faith into their marriage will lay a solid foundation for their future together. “Take care of them!” he said, by example and with guidance.

Pope Francis ended the meeting by entrusting the mission of Équipes Notre-Dame to the Virgin Mary, urging the community to “rediscover the joy of praying together at home, with simplicity and in daily life.”

Editorial credit: Riccardo De Luca - Update / Shutterstock.com
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