During a recent event called “Care Is Work, Work Is Care” at the Vatican, Pope Francis addressed declining birth rates, suggesting that migration could serve as a solution.

“Everyone has a dog or a cat, everyone, but they do not have children,” Pope Francis lamented, saying that migration “helps to respond to the crisis” of low birth rates.

He explained the contributions migrants make economically and in mitigating these demographic challenges faced by “rich countries.”

Pope Francis said that while many view migrants as a financial burden, “by their work, they contribute to the economic and social development of their host country and the country of origin.”

Pope Francis also criticized the often negative portrayal of migrants, saying they come from “prejudice and inaccurate or ideological information.”

“This is a very serious problem,” he said, advocating to attendees from various religious and labor organizations for policies that integrate and protect migrant communities within their new nations.

Editorial credit: Cristian Zamfir / Shutterstock.com
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