In a recent interview featured in the Italian book “Exorcists against Satan” by Fabio Marchese Ragona, Pope Francis shared his encounters with exorcism during his time as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Pope Francis emphasized the reality of the devil and its constant attempts to attack people, particularly those with significant responsibilities in the Church and society.

He also revealed that he had not performed any exorcisms as Pope but had sought exorcists’ help when serving as a bishop in Argentina. He differentiated between diabolical possession and diabolical obsession, stating that only a few cases he encountered were genuine possessions.

Throughout his papacy, Pope Francis has frequently spoken about the devil and the importance of prayer in defending against its attacks. He reassured believers that the devil is powerless in the face of prayer, affirming that “he has no chance” against prayerful individuals.

He also discussed the devil’s efforts to create divisions, conflicts, and corruption in people’s hearts and minds. He emphasized that following the path of Christ is the only way to salvation and protection against such threats.

Pope Francis also warned against the “well-mannered demon” that tempts individuals to believe they are superior and no longer need spiritual growth.

He urged the importance of self-reflection and discernment in guarding against the devil’s subtle and destructive influences.


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