Pope Francis has shown support for the concept of female deacons within the Catholic Church, according to Spanish nun and theologian Linda Pocher.

Pocher, who has been involved in discussions with the Pope’s top advisory body, clarified that while the ordination of women as priests remains off-limits, there is a positive stance towards exploring the diaconate for women.

The pontiff’s Council of Cardinals, an international group advising on Church governance and reform, has recently included female theologians in their meetings to offer insights on this matter. The discussions are part of a broader dialogue on church reform, including the Synod of Bishops on Synodality, which also touches upon the role of women in the Church.

Pocher’s participation alongside other female speakers in the Council of Cardinals meetings highlights the growing openness to consider changes in the Church’s approach to women’s roles. This includes the potential for women to serve as deacons, a topic that Pope Francis has now indicated he is open to exploring further.

The issue of female deacons has been a contentious one within the Church, with historical commissions set up by Pope Francis yielding inconclusive results.

However, Pope Francis has allowed women to vote in the Synod of Bishops, where the discussions on female deacons and broader roles for women in the Church are set to continue.

Editorial credit: AM113 / Shutterstock.com
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