Pope Francis recently wrote that “transgender people must be accepted and integrated into society.”

This statement came in a personal correspondence with Sister Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry, a pastoral outreach organization for LGBTQ+ persons.

The Pope’s writings were in response to concerns raised by Sister Gramick about the Vatican’s doctrinal declaration, Dignitas Infinita, which condemns gender ideology.

Sister Gramick, who has been vocal about her discontent with certain teachings of the Church in the past, wrote to Pope Francis after feeling disheartened by the document’s contents. She expressed her sadness and disappointment particularly about the condemnation of gender ideology, saying it was “harming the transgender people I love.”

In his reply, Pope Francis wrote that “the negative judgement refers not to transgender people but to gender ideology, which nullifies differences.”

Gender ideology “makes everyone equal without respect for personal history,” wrote Pope Francis.

Gramick has been a longstanding advocate for LGBT persons despite previous censures by the Church.

Photo credit: xbrchx / Shutterstock.com
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