Saint Finbar was the son of an artisan named Amergin and a lady of the Irish royal court. He was educated at Kilmacahil monastery, Kilkenny, Ireland.

St. Finbar had very light hair, which led to the nickname Fionnbharr, “white hair”. He made multiple pilgrimages to Rome, visiting Saint David of Wales on one trip. He preached throughout southern Ireland, and possibly in Scotland. He was a hermit on a small island at Lough Eiroe and at Gougane Barra. Founded a school at Eirce.

St. Finbar founded a monastery on the river Lee which eventually developed into the city of Cork, Ireland of which he is the patron Saint & first bishop. Extravagant miracles were attributed to him. Legend says that the sun did not set for two weeks after his death.

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  1. St. Finbar, saint of the land of my Grandfather, please be with my family today. Please work with those on my husband’s case. We pray the case is settled in our favor and our family can remain intact. AMEN

  2. Lord I unite my prayers with Susan, You are the God of Truth and Justiice, in Your Mercy and Graciousness I pray that through St. Finbar grant the blessing and favor she’s asking for and may this give greater glory to Your Most Holy Name, and through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, we ask this in the Name of Jesus. AMEN

  3. Please bring my cynical, irritating usband a need of church, heal his mental trouble of having g had a stroke, be a good husband, and a Christian farher with a good marriage. Save our home, heal my autistic son, save our marriage please .

  4. Lord Jesus meek and humble of Hearts helper of the helpless i unite my intentions with the ones already mentioned ,Come to the aid of your sons and daughters and grant their lawful heart desires through the intercession of St. Finbar.Our Lady Queen of all Hearts pray for us.

  5. Lord You are the Creator and Master of all, I unitmyself with those above, please help us in our issues and situations that all may endhappily and we ask Our Blessed Mother to please unit Her prayers with ours – In Jesus name we pray Thank You – Amen

  6. Ecce Crucem Domini!
    Fugite partes adversae!
    Vicit Leo de tribu Juda,
    Radix David! Alleluia!

    Saint Finbar, pray for us. Especially for those who live in Ireland, near the River Lee, in the county and city of Cork. Please use your heroic virtue to reverse the progress of the evil one in that faithful but floundering country, as so many are currently, and restore souls to Christ Crucified through many fervent conversions. Bring miracles to the unbelievers. Holy Mary, help the helpless. Amen.


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