Together with his deacons Socius and Festus, and his lector Desiderius, Januarius, bishop of Beneventum, was subjected to most atrocious torturing during the Diocletian persecution (about 304). Nevertheless, with God’s aid they were preserved unmaimed. The wild animals let loose upon them would not attack. Beheaded at Puteoli, their bodies were reverently interred in the neighboring cities. Eventually the remains of St. Januarius became the prized possession of the city of Naples, of which he is the patron saint.

“Even to the present time the blood of the saint that is preserved in a glass vial will become fluid shortly after it is brought close to the head of the saint; then it bubbles up in a remarkable manner, as if it had just been shed”. The “miracle of Januarius” has world-wide fame. At least three times a year—on his feast day, and the first Sunday of May—the sealed vial with congealed blood of the saint liquifies, froths and bubbles up. This miraculous event has occurred every year, with rare exceptions. Popular tradition holds that the liquefaction is a sign that the year will be preserved from disasters. (In 1939, the beginning of World War II, the blood did not bubble up.)

Cardinal Schuster makes this statement in his Liber Sacramentorum (vol. 8, p. 233): “The author has seen the marvel of the blood liquefaction at closest range and can give witness to the fact. Taking into consideration all the scientific investigations that have been made, he would say that a natural explanation of the phenomena does not seem possible.”

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  1. This is a true miracle, he is remembered all the time, and lives on even after his death. It is my prayer that, all Christians, especially Catholics will pick lessons from His life

  2. Thank you for all the miracles around us. Please pray for my family. I humbly ask for your intercession in the matter regarding my husband. Please protect our son.

  3. This is the first time I have read about this Saint, and just watching the video with Pope Francis, gives me more faith in believing in the Catholics beliefs and humbly asking St Janiuarius to please protect Samoa from all Natural disasters, and restore faith in all Catholics around the World especially here in our country.

  4. Oh Gennaro, brave of faith in Jesus Christ, glorious patron of Catholic Naples, looks upon us benignly and accepts our vows, that today we lie at your feet with total confidence in your powerful patronage.

    How many times have you run to help your fellow citizens, now stopping in the path of the destructive lava of Vesuvius, and now saving us from plague, earthquakes, famine and many other divine punishments that terrify us.

    The perpetual miracle of the liquefaction of your blood is a sure and extremely eloquent sign that you live among us, that you know our needs and that you protect us in a singular way.

    Oh, we pray you to pray for us, sure that we will be answered; and saved from all the evils that oppress us from all directions.

    Save us from unbelief, and you will see that the faith, by which you have generously sacrificed your life, always, always produces fertile fruits of saints made among us.

  5. Saint Januarius, pray for us. Help snip the strings of many marionettes so we see them drop, exposing the demonic lies and manipulation behind the scene. Grant clarity to those who’ve been misled and replace their trust in faith, hope, charity, peace, life, Truth. Return them to supernatural awareness and bring God’s graces into our interior life, as the custody of Christ Crucified. Amen.

    • Anima Christi: Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Body of Christ, protect me. Blood of Christ, fill me. Water from the side of Christ, purify me. Passion of Christ, strengthen me. O good Jesus, hear me. Within Your wounds hide me; never permit me to leave Thee. From the evil one defend me. In my last hour, call me. And bid me come to Thee, and with your saints and angels praise Thee, throughout eternity. Amen.

      Guardian Angels direct our minds and hearts and hands to do only Our Father’s divine will. Amen.


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