King Sapor of Persia, in the eighteenth year of his reign, raised a bloody persecution against the Christians, and laid waste their churches and monasteries, Jonas and Barachisius, two brothers of the city Beth-Asa, hearing that several Christians lay under sentence of death at Hubaham, went thither to encourage and serve them. Nine of that number received the crown of martyrdom.

After their execution, Jonas and Barachisius were apprehended for having exhorted them to die. The president entreated the two brothers to obey the king of Persia, and to worship the sun, moon, fire, and water. Their answer was, that it was more reasonable to obey the immortal King of heaven and earth than a mortal prince. Jonas was beaten with knotty clubs and with rods, and next set in a frozen pond, with a cord tied to his foot. Barachisius had two red-hot iron plates and two red-hot hammers applied under each arm, and melted lead dropped into his nostrils and eyes; after which he was carried to prison, and there hung up by one foot.

Despite these cruel tortures, the two brothers remained steadfast in the Faith. New and more horrible torments were then devised under which at last they yielded up their lives, while their pure souls winged their flight to heaven, there to gain the martyr’s crown, which they had so faithfully won.

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  1. Death and suffering have never scared me, It”s part of living. But why one man has to do those things to another man is beyond me.Just because you don,t believe the way they do so moronic. the only logical thing I can say is ” God bless the USA.

  2. The martyr all the time continued in prayer, saying: “I thank you, O God of our father Abraham.
    Saints Jonas, Barachisius, and Companions, pray for us!

  3. As, I hear how these great father’s suffered, it breaks my HEART!!!!!!!
    And then I give great thanks,,,,,,they did this for us !!!!!!!!!!
    The tortures,,,,,,are difficult to even read about,,,,,,
    St.Jonas,,,,,St.Barachisius,,,,,,,,you died for US so that we can be better Catholics!!!!!!!!
    You died so that we are not tortured ,,,,,,,,,like they were !!!!!!!!!!
    Pray for this world,,,,,,,
    Thank you for telling us , why Pope Francis pulled his hand AWAY,when people wanted to kiss His ring!!!!!!
    Now…..I…….do understand!!!!!
    Even at Mass,,,,when the Flu is ramped,,,,,,,we do Not shake hands for the ” Peace be With You” sign!!!!!
    makes PERFECT. SENSE !!!!!!!!!


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