Saint Michael de Sanctis was born in Catalonia, Spain around 1591. At the age of six he informed his parents that he was going to be a monk. Moreover, he imitated St. Francis of Assisi to such a great extent that he had to be restrained. After the death of his parents, Michael served as an apprentice to a merchant. However, he continued to lead a life of exemplary fervor and devotion, and in 1603, he joined the Trinitarian Friars at Barcelona, taking his vows at St. Lambert’s monastery in Saragosa in 1607.

Shortly thereafter, Michael expressed a desire to join the reformed group of Trinitarians and was given permission to do so. He went to the Novitiate at Madrid and, after studies at Seville and Salamanca, he was ordained a priest and twice served as Superior of the house in Valladolid.

His confreres considered him to be a saint, especially because of his devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament and his ecstacies during Mass. After his death at the age of thirty-five on April 10, 1625 many miracles were attributed to him. He was canonized in 1862 by Pope Pius IX. St. Michael de Sanctis is noted in the Roman Martyrology as being “remarkable for innocence of life, wonderful penitence, and love for God.” He seemed from his earliest years to have been selected for a life of great holiness, and he never wavered in his great love of God or his vocation. As our young people look for direction in a world that seems not to care, St. Michael stands out as worthy of imitation as well as of the prayers of both young and old alike. His feast day is April 10.

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  1. Please St. Michael de Sanctis pray for me to love God and to serve him as you did. Please pray for my grandma who is in the hospital today. Help her recover and get back to full strength. I love her dearly, and am not ready for her to pass. Please pray for us all.

  2. Remember my in your prayers. My mother is seriously ill and she needs urgently 2 surgeries…
    Dear Chris I offer my prayers for your grand mother….

  3. St Michael e Sanctis please pray for us especially for my husband who is not well that he be healed of the ailment and for our familyespecially the youth thank you Amen- also for for others who are asking for your prayers

  4. St Michael de Sanctis, play for me as I am searching for a job and me and my fiance as we are preparing for our marriage. My sister and I also need healing mercy.pray for us, amen

  5. OH Lord my problems are so insignificant compared to all these people please give them my blessing as once a great man had taught me to think, Thank you most Holy Lord and my God Jesus Christ..


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