Saint Rosalia, daughter of Sinibald, Lord of Roses and Quisquina, was a descendant of the great Charlemagne. She was born at Palermo in Sicily. In her youth, her heart turned from earthly vanities to God. She left her home and took up her abode in a cave, on the walls of which she wrote these words: “I, Rosalia, daughter of Sinibald, Lord of Roses and Quisquina, have taken the resolution to live in this cave for the love of my Lord, Jesus Christ.” She remained there entirely hidden from the world.

She practiced great mortifications and lived in constant communion with God. Afterward she transferred her abode to Mount Pellegrino, about three miles from Palermo, in order to triumph entirely over the instincts of flesh and blood, in sight of her paternal home. She is said to have appeared after death and to have revealed that she spent several years in a little excavation near the grotto. She died alone, in 1160, ending her strange and wonderful life unknown to the world. Her body was discovered several centuries later, in 1625, during the pontificate of Pope Urban VIII. Her feast day is September 4th.

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  1. During the month of July I visited my family in Sicily, Italy. While I was there they took to the Cathedral of St. Rosalia in Palermo, Sicily. I wanted to purchase a statue of St. Rosalia but my family was in a rush to return home for dinner so I left without buying the statue. Now that I’m back home in America I’ve been searching all over for a St. Rosalia statue but no here in America seems to have one nor knows where I can get one. Can you tell me where I can buy a statue of St. Rosalia? Can you give me a website to shop from that would have such a statue?

  2. Dear St. Rosalia,

    Please intercede for my brother, Jason whose birthday is your feast day. Pray that God the Father will fill him with the grace to overcome the world, the flesh,and the devil. Please watch over him and protect him.


  3. Saint Rosalia, pray for us. That we might also demonstrate such single-minded devotion to Our Lord God Almighty, Christ Crucified, Our Lady, and all the angels and saints who long to share eternal life with each of us. Amen.


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