“At the sight of the crowds, his heart was moved with pity for them because they were troubled and abandoned.” The heart of Jesus is moved at the suffering of our world. Every person is in need of His loving touch. In a world so broken, how can we reach the heart of Jesus? The Prophet Isaiah says, “He will be gracious to you when you cry out, as soon as he hears he will answer you.” We must cry out to the heart of Jesus. Jesus responds to the need of every heart with His love. “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147).

In the Gospel, Jesus sent the disciples with particular tasks: preaching and healing, curing the sick, driving out demons. He knows that by preparing His disciples and equipping them to carry the Gospel to the world, He is able to shepherd His sheep and leave them no longer troubled and abandoned. “Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.” We must follow the example of Jesus in giving and not holding back the joy of the Gospel we have received.

I am your disciple, the one chosen to carry out your work. There are many times in my life where the work I have been asked to do is difficult. As a counselor, the gift of my work is to be with those suffering and convey hope for healing. Many times this can seem like a burden and it is difficult to continue. Why are there few laborers with a plentiful harvest? Jesus, teach us in our weakness to make our hearts like yours: full of compassion, knowing the concerns of others and willing to take on the mission in front of us. How are we called to see the needs of those around us and respond like Jesus?

Jessie Tappel, Counselor at Catholic Charities, Communications Director at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences

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  1. . We ask in the name of Jesus – Thank you she and her solicitor is trying to make things very difficult for us, please pray we overcome Tomorrow our son meets with our solicitor to sort our issue with Nancy –


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