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  1. The moment we understand every thing about God, He ceases to be God. But we know that it is not possible for God to change from being God. So, we can never understand Him. The only part of Him we are permitted to know is His love through Jesus Christ that brings us salvation.

  2. Why should we try and understand God? Life is a journey and a gift. We accept God as an all loving God and trust in him with all our heart. I am a composer of inspirational songs for the church. I write psalm music, and music based on the word.

    I used to spend time on trying to figure out why God continues to bless me when I sin daily. Of course, I ask for forgiveness and I go to confession, but it is perplexing.

    I recently wrote a song for my 91 year old Mother, Nina, called, “God In Three Persons, Blessed Trinity” and had my choir do it on the 3rd Sunday of Lent. It is based on one of her favorite hymns, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” I hope you like it.

  3. Only God is all knowing. He is d wisdom we seek to know him. If we are given the opportunity to know him all, we will also know his mind as such, we’ll not be different from him. Knowing a little bit of him that concern us is what we are created for. What i think we should seek is how to please him in the fullest which i believe we can know. But knowing about his shape, voice and his powers are not just our business to seek. We’ll know him when we enter his abode and the only way to attain that is to know him as he created us to.


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