Faith really can move mountains! 🙌

In this episode of “The Catholic Talk Show,” Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse and Fr. Rich Pagano join with Sister Margie Cheong of The Daughters of Mary to discuss how their work is changing lives at World Villages for Children Boystown in Dodoma, Tanzania.

1. Prayer Before Service
Sister Margie emphasizes the foundational role of prayer in their mission, saying, “Pray first, God first, and contemplative life first, then we can serve our children with more spirituality and with more mother’s love.”

Their approach underscores the belief that spiritual nourishment and a deep connection with God are prerequisites for effective service. By putting prayer at the forefront, the Sisters of Mary ensure that their work is not just about meeting physical needs but nurturing the soul!

2. Motherly Love as a Vocation
Sister Margie explains the Sisters’ unique charism to combine their religious vocation with motherly affection. She says the Sisters of Mary embody the Virgin of the Poor’s spirit by offering unconditional love and support to the most challenging children first, demonstrating that true service transcends mere duty and becomes an expression of deep, maternal love.

“The most not attractive child should be loved first by the sisters,” she says.

3. Education and Vocational Training
Sister Margie and the Sisters of Mary are not just addressing immediate needs, but also investing in the future of Tanzania’s youth through education and vocational training. Their approach is about empowerment and sustainability, ensuring that children not only escape the cycle of poverty but are able to become contributors to their communities’ betterment.

“You’re providing these children with a trade, with a vocation, so that they are able to not just be recipients of charity but then they become instruments of societal change themselves,” Scheel explains.

The work done by The Sisters of Mary in Tanzania, led by inspiring figures like Sister Margie,
shows how faithful service and spiritual life can uplift entire communities to make a real difference!

Watch the full episode below 👇

Lord, may you bless the work of Sister Margie and the Sisters of Mary!


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