Can Catholic dads fashion a path to modesty without stitching in too much control?

In this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt discuss the delicate role fathers have in guiding their daughter’s self-image and sense of modesty.

Devin says that fathers are not only protectors for their children as the first man and authority figure in their lives, but they also “have a huge factor in determining the trajectory of their faith, virtue, and morality.”

He explains how this influence extends to modesty, which isn’t a form of repression, but actually a celebration of dignity! It’s not about dictating what to wear, but rather nurturing a well ordered understanding of self-worth and self-respect.

“’Do you know how beautiful you are?’ It’s important to reassure my daughters of their worth!”

When it comes to balancing guidance and control, they remind father’s of their unique position to reflect God’s love and patience. In this way, they’re able to positively shape their daughters’ views of themselves and their relationship with God.

“If I’m going to really love my daughters… it’s not like I love them less if they disappoint me or more if they please me. I love them the same, it’s constant, it’s always,” Devin says.

To foster a healthy environment where daughters can grow into the women God intends them to be, John says to respect your daughters’ individuality and God’s plan for them, rather than imposing your own expectations.

“We need to cultivate within the heart of our daughters the woman that God needs them to be, not the woman that we think they should be.”

He urges all fathers to understand their irreplaceable role in their daughters’ lives. It’s about guiding with love, protecting with wisdom, empowering with respect, and nurturing with faith. For a Catholic gentleman, they say it’s well worth the effort!

“When we give our attention and expressions to our daughter and her beauty, that confidence will last till eternity.”

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Let’s foster dignity in our children with faith! 🙌

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