As Catholics, when we pray the Stations of the Cross we are actually walking with Jesus, sharing a small portion of the pain He endured for our salvation. The images of the 14 stations make the connection that much deeper. With each station, we reflect on the emotionally and physically painful journey Our Savior followed as we anticipate His glorious Resurrection.

COVID-19 restrictions may make attending Stations of the Cross in person impossible this year, but you can still follow this journey with Christ and strengthen your Lenten prayer life. Here are 4 meaningful ways to pray the Stations of the Cross from home this Lent:

  1. Follow the Stations of the Cross on YouTube. Your local parish may be broadcasting Stations this Lent, so be sure to check your church bulletin or the parish website. If not, you’ll find many churches around the world streaming Stations of the Cross over the next 40+ days.
  2. Pray the Stations of the Cross from home using a chaplet. A traditional Stations of the Cross chaplet features 14 stations on beads (or medallions) with additional prayer beads in between each station. Using a chaplet to aid your prayer is a wonderful way to quietly and personally reflect on Christ’s journey to the cross. If you don’t have a chaplet, you can grab a really beautiful one from the uCatholic Store.
  3. Make a Stations of the Cross journal. Write down each of the 14 stations (you can find them here) on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Take time to reflection on each stations and what it means for the Church and for you personally. Refer to this journal throughout Lent and add reflections as you see fit.
  4. Place prints of the Stations of the Cross on the walls of your home. Even when COVID-19 restrictions are no longer in place, you’ll appreciate having beautiful prints of Our Lord’s Passion in your home. You can purchase prints at the uCatholic Store and then frame them and hang them on the walls of your home.

Check out all of the prayerful products at the uCatholic Store and prepare for a most holy and memorable Lenten season.

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