Last week, a watch that Pope Francis has worn for much of his papacy was auctioned off for charity by the LaViolette Scholarship Foundation.

Pope Francis was asked to donate his cheapest watch in a letter sent by Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Ricken explained to Pope Francis the foundation helps students go to college and was founded in honor of Brian LaViolette, a watch collector who died at 15 in a swimming accident.

Pope Francis’ “Swatch Once Again” watch retails for about $55, but it finally sold for more than 1000 times that – 56,250 dollars!

That sets a record for the most that’s ever been paid for this particular watch.

It’s not the first time Pope Francis’s possessions have been auctioned off for charity, either.

In 2017, he donated a custom Lamborghini to raise money for Iraqi Christians.

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