What does the leader of one of the largest organizations on Earth and shepherd to a flock of over one billion Faithful make in a year? It might surprise you to learn the salary that comes with the responsibility of being the Supreme Pontiff.

Parish priests are obliged to receive compensation upon ordination, on average around $25,000 to $35,000 a year, as the bishop is responsible to provide for the needs of the clergy in his diocese.

“Since clerics dedicate themselves to ecclesiastical ministry, they deserve remuneration which is consistent with their condition, taking into account the nature of their function and the conditions of places and times, and by which they can provide for the necessities of their life as well as for the equitable payment of those whose services they need.” – Code of Canon Law 281 §1.

Cardinals can receive compensation on the order of around 5,000 Euros per month, termed the “Cardinal’s plate,” designed to pay for their living expenses. However, it might surprise you to hear that in the case of the Pope, the Holy Father earns no money for his duties.

Instead of earning a salary, all living expenses for the pope such as food, travel, and housing are paid for out of Curia funds. The exception is Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who lives in retirement in the Vatican with a monthly stipend of 2,500 Euros.

The pope does receive a traditional honorary payment of three bags containing gold, silver, and copper coins upon their death. Each bag contains one coin for each year of their papacy, and is placed into their coffin – the only monetary compensation one receives for being pope.

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  1. Why would those popes get paid after death? and in bags of gold, silver, and copper coins upon their death placed into their coffins – instead of spending on areas that needed the most? to show to God how much they had earned as pope?? Is this a joke, gossip or what??

    • Mao,
      I wonder the same thing. It is quite obvious the Pope is going to heaven. I don’t think there is any place there to spend the money. Wouldn’t it be better to use that money to help those on Earth?

    • A few thousand dollars in the coffin won’t go far in this world. Perhaps we should focus on areas of actual scandal, not contrived.

  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/533651400046997/permalink/3351826238229485/

    So Pope why aren’t you feeding them? You have the sheep come to Church and pay you the money, so you have fancy robes to wear, and a roof over your head, to ride around in fancy bullet proof Limousines, and drink wine at every Mass. Didn’t the Lord say Peter do you love me? Then feed my sheep. 3 times he said it. He didn’t say feed my Priests, and Church that now a days has billions of dollars, with Cardinals committing Financial Real Estate Crimes in London. Where is your sack cloth potato bag clothes? Where are the Church Farms, and Greenhouses to feed the Lords people? Instead you admire your Fancy Churches and marble bowls for your holy water. And carry golden crucifixes around your neck, while waving fancy water soak batons saying bless you, while burning frankincense to smell your way through a sermon and parade around the Cross saying Domini Nobiscum. . You have a nice meal every night to fill your stomach. How many go without? Do you walk the Streets to see how many? No you don’t. Instead it is other religions like the Buddhist and ordinary people who see them in the alley, under a bridge, with no umbrella from the rain, or food, sleeping on the cement where Cochroaches scurry up their leg or across their faces. It is I who is trapped in Hong Kong because of no job, not allowed to work, and thank God to find Buddhist meals left out as an offering to their deceased relatives. Even the Buddhist feed their passed away comrades known as sheep yet none of the Fancy Church’s called Christians open their doors so they can lay down on a bench in the Lord’s House, because you reserve such pews for your Rich Benefactors that remain loyal to handing over the money to you. You use the Lord’s name as deception, to praise the house of Satan in God’s Holy Church. I have no need to make up accusations. It is you who took the name of Francis, the poorest of the Saints, yet its you dear Pope who parade and disgrace his Sainthood for the Money Changers, who are the ones who put our dear Lord on the Cross, claiming he died for our Sins. The Lord does not like liars, or manipulators, who say one thing and do something else. You need to reflect yourself dear Pope. And repent.

    • Are YOU feeding the poor? Are YOU giving shelter to the homeless? Are YOU teaching disabled kids and adults how to function in life? Are YOU assisting the elderly in their needs? Instead of complaining about others, especially those in leadership positions, why not start focusing on YOURSELF and what YOU are doing!

  3. Let’s remember one this. The Catholic Church, through millions of parishes and ministries, gives more support to the poor than any other organization in the world. More than all the protestants combined. More than Joel Osteen, Rich Warren, Franklin Graham. Parish priests live just above the poverty line. Priests who are part of a Religious Order like Jesuits, Franciscans, and Benedictines, take a vow of poverty and own NOTHING. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  4. Papa is getting a lot of money because he is the main person in the world, and I think that this is not a mistake and everything is ok. But problem with all of it that people in a small towns are getting much smaller amount of money for what they are doing and that is disappointing me as a financial expert and I have just one advice for all of them is to use a service like this https://triceloans.com/instant-direct-deposit-loans/ to service a good life, and also you need to visit a church on a regular purpose this is very important as I think about it.


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