Here’s what you can do about daily temptations 💪

On this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman and Devin Schadt discuss the difference between temptation and sin, and offer some great advice on what to do about these spiritual challenges!

Temptation vs. Sin?
We all experience temptation, but it isn’t actually sin itself! It’s more like sin’s invitation. Instead, recognize it as an opportunity to strengthen spiritual resolve without condemning yourself for feeling tempted.

Devin says this can help change your mindset from unnecessary guilt over mere thoughts or feelings, to growth. “Temptation can form us actually if we’re leaning on God through that, it can truly strengthen us.”

Emotions & Mistakes are Pathways to God!
Sam says “emotions like anger or sadness are not sin, sin resides in the will. It’s what you do with emotions that counts.”

By addressing our emotions constructively, we can use them to help us make wise choices that lead us not into temptation, but to God.

“Don’t shame or attack your emotions. They’re like a check engine light on your dashboard. You can get angry at the light or you can say, ‘What is it trying to tell me?'”

The Power of Acknowledging Weakness
Vulnerability and honesty let us trust in God’s mercy to overcome sin. When feeling tempted, admitting our weaknesses is an important step towards grace. Devin says that “Confession is so key, just acknowledge your wickedness and then God will be so merciful.”

The gentlemen say as we look to Christ on the Cross, it is so important to understand how our sin has put him there and the mercy that is available to us!

Watch below 👇

“Despise your temptations and do not dwell on them.” – St. Padre Pio

Source: George Ryan via ChurchPOP
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