It’s a shocking thought at first – praying for another’s death.

Is it a sin to do so?

If it isn’t, when should you pray for another’s death and when shouldn’t you?

Believe it or not, the Catholic Church teaches that isn’t a sin in all cases, and there are actually certain times we should do so!

Turning to the Baltimore Catechism, we find the condition required to pray for another’s death:

“Nor is it sinful to wish another’s death, under the condition that it be in accord with God’s will.” – BC No. 3 Q. 210 (c)

In what situations may we pray for another’s death without sin?

“For example, to wish a person’s death so that he will be relieved of great suffering, or because he is a menace to society or is likely to inflict grave harm on an innocent person, or because he deserves death by reason of crime.”

Pray for a “happy death!” 🙏

Want to know more?

Learn why Saint Joseph is the patron saint of a happy death.

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