Are Guardian Angels Real? (And Did Jesus Have One?)

Discover your heavenly guide for your earthly journey.

Pope Francis & Benedict XVI Want You to Say THIS Prayer...

15 years ago, Benedict XVI named May 24 a World Day of Prayer for the Church in China. Learn the official prayer Pope Francis asked all to say today!

Pray This Pope-Francis Approved Prayer for Peace

Before Saint Patrick's Day, Pope Francis read an impassioned prayer asking for God to bring mercy and peace to the war in Ukraine.
mysteries of the rosary

What Are the Mysteries of the Rosary?

Are they prayers or a true crime series?

Release a Thousand Souls From Purgatory by Praying to The… Patron...

It's true: you can't spell Catholic without 'cat,' and if you want to release a thousand souls from purgatory, pray to the patron saint of cats!

Having a Hard Time Praying? Tips From Pope Francis All Catholics...

Pope Francis shared his ways to overcome the three most common obstacles to prayer.

A Prayer ‘for All of Humanity Sorely Tried by the Pandemic,’...

Just before beginning the Marian month of prayer, Pope Francis prayed 'for all of humanity sorely tried by the pandemic.'

Saint Patrick Said THIS Prayer Before He Converted the Pagan Irish...

Before converting the pagan Irish King Leoghaire to Catholicism, Saint Patrick said this prayer for divine protection known as The Deer's Cry.

The “Prayer for Leading a Holy Life” by Aquinas Every Catholic...

In an increasingly secular world that eschews the spiritual for the material, how can we lead a holy life? The Angelic Doctor has a prayer just for that.

Why Did John Paul II Said This Prayer Every Day?

Saint John Paul II believed prayer was his first duty as pope, to obtain help from God on behalf of the Church and world. Why did he say this prayer every day?