Pope Francis has made calling for climate action a focus of his papacy.

Earlier this month, he starred in a documentary on climate change and the environment.

He’s also talked to the TED Countdown Climate Summit on finding solutions to climate change.

He’s even committed the Vatican to net zero emissions by 2050.

In bringing attention to environmental extremes facing the world right now, Pope Francis has advocated for the poor as suffering most from climate change.

One time he told leaders of global oil and gas companies that “time is running out” to solve the climate crisis, saying “decisive action” must be taken.

His hard work earned him the distinction of being named a Top 100 Latino committed to climate action.

The list includes other figures like Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez, Camila Cabello, Carlos Vives, Diego Luna, Gisele Bundchen and Gabriel Boric.

The Sachamama Environmental Organization published their 4th annual list on Monday.

Their goal is to highlight personalities for their commitment to climate activism, science, communication, environmental rights, sustainable policies and business.

Pray for the care of our common home!


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