Saint Mamas is a significant figure in Greek history, celebrated as a great martyr. His story began with a dramatic origin: he was born in prison to Christian parents who were incarcerated for their faith. After they were executed, Mamas became an orphan. A wealthy widow named Ammia adopted him, but she passed away when he was just 15 years old.

As Mamas grew older, he was relentless in his faith. The governor of Caesarea tortured him for it. Even when brought before the Roman Emperor Aurelian, he endured further torture. According to legend, an angel then freed him and instructed him to take refuge on a mountain near Caesarea.

Remarkably, Mamas was later thrown to the lions, but he managed to tame these wild creatures. He preached to animals in the fields, and a lion became his loyal companion. Alongside the lion, he visited Duke Alexander, who condemned him to death. He was fatally wounded in the stomach with a trident. Despite his injury, Mamas dragged himself near a theater before he was finally taken to heaven by angels.

The cult of Saint Mamas originated in Caesarea but later moved to Langres in the 8th century when his relics were transferred there. The Cathédrale Saint-Mammès in Langres is dedicated to him, and he is the chief patron of the diocese.

Saint Mamas also has significant influence in Lebanon, where many churches and convents bear his name. He is the patron saint of Deir Mimas and Kfarhata. The Saint Mamas Church in Ehden, built in 749 A.D., is one of the oldest Maronite Catholic churches in the country. The Saint Mamas Church of Baabdat, another ancient church built in the 16th century, stands as a testament to his enduring legacy.

Photo credit: Reinhardhauke via Wikimedia
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  1. I love the story of saint Mamas. You see that christians of those days really suffered, we are lucky that christians now are not persecute as before. I am encourage christian to pray for other christians that are persecuted in some islamic countries.

  2. St. Mamas, please pray for all oppressed Christians throughout the world, whether merely laughed at by others, or tortured and killed for their faith!

  3. Dear St. Mamas, Pray for the persecuted Christians in Iraq, and other countries in the Middle East as well as Africa who are being tortured and persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Pray for us who are not being persecuted, to give to those in need, to respond generously to our brothers and sisters who are suffering.



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