Dancing Priests Become Internet Sensation

A video of a pair of dueling, dancing American priests studying in Rome has gone viral

Poncho The Parrot Prays The Hail Mary

Poncho the Parrot prays the "Hail Mary". Let all of nature sing her praises. :)

Iraq Bishop Nominates YOU For A Real Challenge

Bishop Saad Sirop Hanna of Baghdad is challenging the faithful across the world to join in 30 minutes of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament on Aug. 26 for peace in Iraq and for refugees of violence in the country.

[Video] Pope Discusses Military Intervention In Iraq

Aboard the papal plane from Seoul to Rome, Pope Francis spoke about the need for the international community to "stop" the Islamic State.

Catholics And The Ice Bucket Challenge

The viral Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS that is sweeping social media poses certain moral challenges for Catholics they should be aware of before participating.

Pope Prays At Cemetery for Aborted Children

On his Apostolic Trip to South Korea, The Holy Father Pope Francis made one of his most poignant and direct pro-life gestures by making a solemn visit to a memorial cemetery for aborted children.

Pope Addresses South Korean Leaders In English

Pope Francis’ first major address during his Apostolic Voyage – to Korea’s political and civil leaders – was also one of his first speeches in English.

Robin Williams’s Life of Comedy Ends in Tragedy

The actor's suicide reminds us of the infinite value of each human life.

The Identical: Reviving Values in Hollywood

A review of the upcoming movie "The Identical" (September 5) The story of a pastor's son who feels a call to sing, not preach, who learns a shocking secret about his life that explains his past and shapes his future, a drama set against the backdrop of rock-'n'-roll's 1950-1970's heyday.
Plaque of Guido Monaco, Arezzo

The Catholic Origins of Do-Re-Mi

Anybody who has taken piano lessons (like my wife who inspired this article), was lucky enough to have went to a school that had...