Did Your Diocese Add Meat to St. Patrick’s Day Dispensations?

🍀 St. Patrick's Day falls on a Lenten Friday this year, but some US Catholics can still feast on corned beef! Here's how bishops are balancing penance and celebration 👉

Notre Dame to Open December 2024

🏰 Destroyed by a devastating fire, the Notre Dame Cathedral with it's iconic spire restored is set to open again in December 2024!

Pope Francis’ Challenge for Youth: “Dare to Be Different!”

Pope Francis sent a powerful message to young Catholics at Flame Congress in London, urging them to rise up, follow Christ, and be different! 🔥

McCarrick Denies Abuse Allegations for First Time Since Criminal Proceedings

Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick denies abuse allegations for the first time since criminal proceedings began against him. Pray for victims!

Watch: Pope Francis’ Shares His March Prayer Intention for Abuse Victims

Pray 🙏 with Pope Francis for victims of abuse! Watch his official prayer intention for March 👉

Will US Reintroduce Communion From Chalice Like the UK?

🙏 The UK will resume Holy Communion from chalice after 3 years due to COVID. What will happen in the US? Here's what US Bishops said 👉

Ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s Dementia May Halt Abuse Trial

Former Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 92, cited worsening dementia in a motion to avoid trial for abuse charges.

Ukraine Soldier Says Rosary Saved His Life

What a beautiful story! This Ukrainian soldier said they survived a bomb attack by praying the rosary 🙏📿

Vatican Expresses Concern Over Russia’s Suspension of Nuclear Arms Treaty

🌍🛡️ The Vatican has expressed concern over Russia's suspension of a nuclear arms treaty, fearing it could weaken global security.

3 Widespread Temptations the Devil Uses, Pope Francis Warns

Pope Francis shared how to resist the devil's three temptations that divide us. Learn how Jesus' approach can help you stay united with God! 👉