Department of Homeland Security Warns ‘Faith-Based Institutions’ Could Be ‘Possible Targets’

After rumors the DHS warned US Bishops of 'credible threats' if Roe v. Wade is overturned, the National Terrorism Advisory System released a bulletin warning 'houses of worship' are 'possible targets' amid a 'heightened threat environment' in the US.

Pope Francis to Visit Resting Place of First Pope to Resign

The rumor mill is buzzing after Pope Francis' visit to L'Aquila was announced, the resting place of the first pope to resign and also where Benedict XVI visited before resigning from the papacy.

Boy Asks Pope Francis “Can You Come to Ukraine to Save...

Pope Francis told the boy: 'I think a lot about children in Ukraine,' and said he wants to go as soon as possible. 🙏 Pray for Ukraine!

Watch: Pope Francis’ Shares His June Prayer Intention for Families

Pray 🙏 with Pope Francis for families to 'embody and experience unconditional love and advance in holiness in their daily lives.'

Uvalde Priest to Lead 12 Funeral Masses in 2 Weeks

Father Eduardo Morales of the only Catholic Church in Uvalde, Texas said 'it’s as if one huge funeral that is not ending.'

Last Video of 9-Year-Old Uvalde Victim: ‘When We Die, We’ll Be...

That was the last message left on TikTok by Ellie García, one of 21 victims of the Robb Elementary School shooting.
The Tops supermarket on Jefferson Avenue in the Cold Spring section of Buffalo, New York, as seen on a February 2022 afternoon.

US Bishops Call For “Addressing the Persistent Evil of Racism in...

US Bishops offered 'prayers for the support and healing of the families, friends, and communities of those impacted by these violent incidents.'

Pope Francis Jokes: “Do You Know What I Need for My...

🥃 When a religious pilgrim from Mexico asked about his health, Pope Francis said he needed some of their country's favorite 'medicine.'

Pope Francis to Visit Canada in July

During his visit, Pope Francis is expected to make an apology for the Church's role in the Canadian residential school system.

Low Western Birth Rate Is a ”A Real Social Emergency” Says...

Pope Francis says fewer children being born in the West is a social emergency. What do you think? 👶