Watch: Pope Francis’ November Prayer Intention for Peace in the Middle...

Pope Francis shared his monthly prayer intention video for November, that interreligious dialogue and peace may reign in the Middle East.

Vatican Campaigns for “Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space”...

At the United Nations the Holy See highlighted the heightened need for the "peaceful use" of outer space, urging commitment to disarmament by all countries.

Pope Francis Pleas for Prayer for Christian Victims of Violence in...

Amid recent unrest in Ethiopia during October that claimed the lives of 52 Christians, Pope Francis pled for prayer for the victims.

Pope Francis Adds Feast Day of Our Lady of Loreto to...

Pope Francis has added the feast day of Our Lady of Loreto to the Roman Calendar, to be celebrated as an optional memorial on December 10th.

Pope Francis Grants Indulgence for Praying at Ordinariate Mass This Sunday

Pope Francis has granted a special plenary indulgence for those who pray a solemn "Te Deum" at an Ordinariate Mass this Sunday.

Pope Francis Blesses Our Lady of Luján Statues Exchanged by UK...

Originally taken during the Falklands War, UK bishops returned an icon of Our Lady of Luján, receiving in turn a replica from Argentina's bishops.

Polish Bishops Call for Pope Saint John Paul II to Be...

On the feast day of Saint John Paul II, the Polish Bishops's Conference called for the late pope to be named a Doctor of the Church and patron of Europe.

Amazon Synod Final Document Calls for Married Priests and Female Deacons

The Amazon Synod has approved their final document, calling for the ordination of married men as priests and requesting a female diaconate.

Joe Biden Denied Communion in South Carolina Church for Supporting Abortion

Presidential candidate Joe Biden was refused the Eucharist by a priest in a South Carolina parish over his support for legal abortion.

Pope Francis Announces Retrieval of “Pachamama” Statues Thrown into Tiber

Pope Francis announced the retrieval of the controversial "Pachamama" statues seen at the Amazon synod that were thrown into the Tiber River.

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