Pope Francis Warns Against ‘Cancel Culture’

What do you think of cancel culture? ❌ In his state of the world address, Pope Francis said cancel culture is a form of idea 'colonization' invading everywhere.

Business Owners Need “The Smell of the Sheep,” Says Pope Francis

Pope Francis has some advice for business owners 👨‍💼👩‍💼📈. They need to immerse themselves in 'the smell of the sheep!'

English Parish: “If You Are Not Vaccinated … Do Not Come...

One English parish said in their newsletter: 'if you are not vaccinated and/or won’t wear a mask, please do not come to Mass.'

Pope Francis: Couples Shouldn’t Let ‘Dogs and Cats Take the Place...

How can we fight the 'demographic winter' facing the world? Pope Francis says couples should welcome children, rather than getting more dogs and cats.

Don’t Forget the Sick! Consolation Is a Task for Everyone, Says...

In times like these, we can't forget to the console the sick! 🤒😷 For the World Day of the Sick, Pope Francis said it is a Christian's duty to do so.

Watch: Pope Francis’ January Prayer Intention for the Religiously Persecuted

Two out of three people suffer religious persecution because of their Faith! 😞 Pope Francis says: 'This is unacceptable!' Pray with Pope Francis for the persecuted!

Wearing a Mask at Mass “Is a Small Sacrifice Pleasing to...

Do you wear a 😷 mask to Mass? A member of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Life said doing is a 'small sacrifice ... pleasing to God.'

Did You Know? SNL’s Famous Matt Foley Character Is Based on...

The real Matt Foley isn't 'living in a van down by the river!' Chris Farley's famous SNL character is actually based on his longtime Catholic priest friend.

22 Catholic Missionaries Were Killed in 2021 Worldwide, 2 More Than...

Throughout the entirety of 2021, 22 Catholic missionaries were killed across the globe, a figure 2 more than those who were killed in 2020.

Scan This New QR Code at the Vatican to Learn About...

Pope Francis wants everyone to learn more about migrant and refugee life - so they added a QR code to the 'Angels Unawares' sculpture in St. Peter's Square!

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