Jesuit Order Pledges $100 Million for Slave Reparations

A member of the USCCB said it is 'largest financial commitment' to 'heal the wounds' caused by the Church's participation in slavery.

Pope Francis Names the Lateran Palace a Museum

The papal residence for centuries, Pope Francis has now designated the Lateran Palace for 'museum and cultural activities.'

Pope Francis: Seeing a Psychiatrist When I Was Younger Helped With...

He said: 'The treatment with the psychiatrist also helped me to locate myself and learn to manage my anxiety and avoid being rushed when making decisions.'

Vatican: Church Can’t Bless Same-Sex Unions Because God “Cannot Bless Sin”

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith clarified that the Church has no power to bless same-sex unions.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: “I Didn’t Imagine Living This Long”

Benedict XVI said: 'I'm nearly 94 years old, what do you want from me?'

Nun Tries to Stop Attack on Protesters by Myanmar Police: ‘Just...

She said: 'I knelt down begging them not to shoot and torture the children, but to shoot me and kill me instead.'

Remains Found of US Army Chaplain & Medal of Honor Recipient...

Servant of God Father Emil Kapaun, who was a chaplain in the US Army and died in a North Korean prison camp, could soon be named Venerable.

Watch: Pope Francis’ March Prayer Intention for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Pope Francis is praying that 'we may experience the sacrament of reconciliation with renewed depth, to taste the infinite mercy of God.'

Pope Francis Thanks Our Lady After Returning From Iraq

Pope Francis brought a bouquet of flowers from Iraq, which he placed on the altar at the foot of Our Lady’s image in the Borghese chapel.

Pope Francis Puts Ancestor of Princess Diana on Path to Sainthood

Pope Francis advanced the causes of eight candidates for sainthood, one of which is a distant relative of Princess Diana and Winston Churchill.

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