Defying Beliefs: The Heroic Sister Saving Ghana’s ‘Cursed’ Children!

🙏 Brave Sister Mumuni battles age-old superstitions, rescuing 130+ children deemed "evil" in northern Ghana!

Father Puglisi’s Bold Stand: Pope Francis Celebrates 30 Years After Mafia...

Pope Francis honors slain anti-Mafia priest, Father Pino Puglisi, 30 years after his bold stand against organized crime! 🕊️

Unearthed Templar Graves Unveil Secrets of England’s Greatest Warrior!

🛡️Historian discovers eight previously unknown Templar graves in Staffordshire! Uncover the mysteries of a unique find linked to one of England's greatest knights.

Pope Francis Encourages ‘Docile Hearts’: Be Open to Change, Like Jesus...

🕊️ Pope Francis highlights the importance of being open to change and embracing compassion in our lives, inspired by the faith of the Canaanite woman.

Mob Burns Christian Homes, Churches in Pakistan Following Blasphemy Accusation

Violence erupted in Pakistan's Jaranwala district as a mob of Muslims attacked Christian homes and churches after a blasphemy accusation.

Alabama Priest Declares Love for 18-year-old, Flees to Italy Claiming It’s...

A former Alabama priest eloped to Italy with an 18-year-old woman, claiming their union is "Jesus' will."

Bishop Barron Says “We’ve Dumbed Down the Faith”

Bishop Robert Barron of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota, has criticized what he sees as a trend toward simplifying the Catholic faith, calling it a "pastoral disaster."...

Man Attempts Arson, Heavily Vandalizes Ohio Catholic Church

A man was arrested for attempting to set fire to a Catholic church in Willoughby, Ohio and causing heavy vandalism.

Retired Bishop Questions Claims on Missing Canadian Residential School Children

Retired Bishop Fred Henry raises questions about the missing children from Canadian residential schools while emphasizing the role of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Church Miraculously Survives Maui’s Destructive Wildfires

Amid Maui's devastating wildfires, the historic Maria Lanakila Catholic Church stands resilient, becoming a beacon of hope for the community. 🙏