Pope Francis Abolishes Papal Secrecy During Clerical Abuse Trial Proceedings

Pope Francis lifted the pontifical secret, making testimony from the proceedings of clerical trials involving abuse available to legal authorities.

Study Finds Catholics Have Shortest Sermons of All Christian Denominations

A study by the Pew Research Center found that out of all Christian denominations, Catholic sermons are the shortest at a median length of 14 minutes.

Watch: Exclusive New Look at Ongoing Restoration Efforts of the Notre-Dame...

In an exclusive look at the restoration efforts, Chief architect Philippe Villeneuve said "today, we absolutely cannot say that Notre-Dame has been saved."

Pope Francis Prays for Chilean Plane That Disappeared Flying to Antarctica

Pope Francis is praying for the Chilean military plane bound for Antarctica that went missing Monday with 38 passengers on board.

New Vatican Stamps for 50 Year Golden Anniversary of Pope Francis’...

The Vatican's Philatelic and Numismatic Office launched new stamps commemorating the 50 year "golden anniversary" of Pope Francis' ordination as a priest.

Watch: Pope Francis’ December Prayer Intention for “the Future of the...

Pope Francis shared his monthly prayer intention video for December, that every country makes the future of children a priority, especially those suffering.

Bishop Matano of Rochester Requested to Postpone Sheen’s Beatification

The Diocese of Rochester in New York confirmed that Bishop Salvatore Matano requested to postpone Fulton Sheen's upcoming beatification.

Fulton Sheen’s Beatification Postponed at “Request of Few” US Bishops

Originally set for December 21st, Fulton Sheen's beatification has now been postponed at "request of a few members of the Bishop's conference."

Pope Francis: We Must Protect the Dignity of Persons with Disabilities

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Pope Francis said we must "acknowledge the dignity of each person," as doing otherwise is social sin.

Pope Francis Gifts Relic of Jesus’ Manger to the Holy Land...

For Advent, Pope Francis gifted a small piece of the manger Christ was placed in after His birth to Catholics in the Holy Land.

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