LA Prosecutor Reveals Suspect’s Confession to Murder of Bishop David O’Connell

The confession of the housekeeper's husband has shed light on his untimely death. Pray for the soul of Bishop David O'Connell!🙏

Pray for Pope Francis! Vatican Says He Has “Strong Cold”

The Vatican said Pope Francis is continuing to work despite suffering from a severe cold. Pray for his speedy recovery!🙏

New Asteroids Named in Honor of Jesuits & a Pope

🔭🌌 Discover the fascinating story behind the newly-named asteroids 🪐 and the Catholics they honor 🙏

Don’t Miss Pope Francis’ Message for Ash Wednesday

🕊️🌴On Ash Wednesday, Pope Francis reminded of the importance of introspection, truthfulness and caring for others. Read his message on Lent as a time to reflect, let go of distractions, and rebuild relationships 🙏

This Is Pope Francis’ Message for Lent 2023

🙏 Pope Francis shares a powerful message for Lent 2023. He urges Catholics to listen to Jesus, confront life's challenges, and stay committed on their spiritual journey 👉

Arrest Made in Murder of Bishop David O’Connell

🚨 The husband of Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop David O'Connell's housekeeper was arrested in connection with his murder. Here's what authorities said about the motive 👉

Denver Archdiocese Denies Communion to Women Wearing Rainbow Masks

The Archdiocese says the Communion line is not a place for political statements. Do you agree? 👇

Vatican Bishop Comforts Quake-Hit Catholics in Syria & Turkey

🇻🇦 A Vatican Archbishop is visiting Syria and Turkey to offer support to the victims of the devastating earthquakes🙏

Catholic Community Grieves Michigan State Shooting Victims

🙏 Pray for all the victims of this tragedy! After a shooting at Michigan State University claimed 3 lives, the Catholic community has mourned and found solace in their Faith.

Do Catholic Parents Care About Passing on Faith?

Only 1/3 of 🇺🇸 Catholic parents see passing on their faith as very important, leading to a decline in mass attendance, says this Pew survey 👉