US “Most Wanted Fugitive” Arrested in St. Peter’s Square With Knives...

Moises Tejada, on New York's "Most Wanted Fugitives" list, was captured in St. Peter's Square, found with three knives during Pope Francis' general audience 👉

Michigan Bishop Apologizes for Calling President Biden ‘Stupid’ During Lecture on...

Bishop Robert Gruss of Saginaw apologized for calling President Joe Biden "stupid" during a recent lecture on forgiveness, clarifying his intent was not disparaging 👉

Pope Francis Calls for Environmental Action on Earth Day 2024

On World Earth Day 2024, Pope Francis said "we have failed to protect" our planet 👉

Significant Debt Reduction Among Ordinands Prior to Ordination, CARA Survey Finds

A recent CARA survey showed a dramatic reduction in educational debt among seminarians, with religious ordinands seeing a 72% decrease 👉

Priest Pepper-Sprayed During Confession at Texas Cathedral

A priest at St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral in Amarillo, Texas, was attacked with pepper spray during confession 👉

Sydney Bishop Forgives Teen Attacker After Church Stabbing Incident

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, attacked during a live sermon in Sydney, publicly forgave his 16-year-old assailant, calling for peace and non-retaliation 👉

Cardinal Robert Sarah Criticizes Western Bishops for Embracing ‘Practical Atheism’

Cardinal Robert Sarah said some Western bishops have adopted secular values over traditional Christian teachings, terming it 'practical atheism.'

Man Arrested for Posing as Priest, Stealing Thousands from US Churches

A man was arrested in California after impersonating a priest and burglarizing Catholic churches across the US, stealing cash and valuables 👉

US Catholics Show Diverse Reactions to Pope Francis Amid Political Divides

A recent Pew survey shows although there are partisan divides, a majority of US Catholics continue to support Pope Francis 👉

Pope Francis Grants Plenary Indulgences for US Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress...

Pope Francis has approved plenary indulgences for participants of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress. Here's how you can receive them 👉