French Church Burgled with Battering Ram: Saint Statue Beheaded, Treasure Stolen

The Oloron Cathedral was broken into with a tree attached to a car, the burglars beheading a statue of Saint Bernadette and stealing religious items.

Chilean Rioters Loot Catholic Church: Set Fire to Pews, Statues &...

Amid weeks of violent unrest, a church was looted by Chilean rioters who burned religious statues and paintings in the streets.

Australian High Court to Announce If Cardinal George Pell Can Appeal

Australia's High Court will announce Wednesday whether or not they will hear an appeal by Cardinal George Pell to overturn his conviction.

Chilean Bishops Condemn Church Looting and Call for End to Violence

Chilean bishops condemned the actions of church looters who burned religious statues and paintings in the streets, calling for an end to violence.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Murder of Armenian Catholic Priest in Syria

Armenian Catholic priest Father Hovsep Bedoyan was gunned down in Syria along with his father, with ISIS claiming responsibility for the murder.

Pope Francis: Rise of Anti-Semitism Is “Neither Human nor Christian”

Pope Francis denounced the rise of anti-semitism around the world, calling the persecution of Jews "neither human nor Christian." The Holy Father's off-the-cuff comments came...

US Bishops: “The Threat of Abortion Remains Our Pre-eminent Priority” Over...

At their fall general assembly, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops adopted a new letter that declared the "threat of abortion" their number one priority.

Pope Francis: Catechism Will Be Changed to Include “Ecological Sins”

Following a proposal made at the Amazon synod, Pope Francis said he will soon be updating the catechism to include "sins against ecology."

Pope Francis Calls for Action to Protect Children Online from “Digital...

Pope Francis called for universal action to help combat the "exponential" increase in the abuse of minors in the digital world.

Pope Francis Opens New “Palace” for the Poor & Homeless near...

As part of his Friday of Mercy initiative Pope Francis opened a "palace for the poor," a shelter for homeless people near Saint Peter’s Square.

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