Public Mass in Italy Will Resume on May 18th

Public Mass in Italy is set to resume in a week after an agreement was signed between the Church and the Italian government.

Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima Will Be Held Without...

Because pilgrims can't attend the feast day because of coronavirus restrictions, the Shrine of Fatima is offering an online "spiritual journey."

John Paul II’s Parent Cause for Sainthood Officially Opened

The Archdiocese of Kraków formed trubunals to investigate the cause for sainthood for the parents of Pope Saint John Paul II: Karol and Emilia Wojtyła.

Pope Francis Wants Everyone to Say a Prayer to the Virgin...

On May 8th, say a prayer to Mary asking for grace during the coronavirus pandemic and entrust yourself to her, said Pope Francis.

Watch: Pope Francis Releases His May Prayer Intention for Deacons

Pope Francis shared his monthly prayer intention video for May, urging the Faithful to pray for permanent deacons.

A Miracle in Naples: Blood of Saint Januarius Liquefies in the...

The Archbishop of Naples blessed the city with the miraculous relic which liquefied amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Pope Francis Establishes Vatican John Paul I Foundation

Pope Francis established Vatican John Paul I Foundation to promote the thought & teachings of the man who was pope for only 33 days in 1978.

Pope Francis Prays for “Prudence” as Coronavirus Restrictions Ease

After his livestreamed Mass on Tuesday, Pope Francis prayed that God grants us 'prudence' as coronavirus restrictions ease.

Cardinal Calls for More Women to Be Involved in Seminary Formation

Cardinal Marc Ouellet called for more women to be directly involved in priestly formation at seminaries.

Pope Francis Tells Catholics to Pray the Rosary in May to...

Pope Francis shared two new prayers to Mary, and called on all Catholics to pray them after the Rosary during May to end the coronavirus.

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