Pope Francis Advocates for Peace in Call with Palestine President

Pope Francis called for humanitarian aid and ceasefire efforts with President Mahmoud Abbas 👉

Pope Francis’ Shares His November Prayer Intention: For Himself

Pray 🙏 with Pope Francis! His official prayer intention for November is that you "pray for me! Favorably!" Watch now 👉

Pope Francis Offers Prayers and Support to Lewiston Community in Wake...

Pope Francis sent his heartfelt prayers and blessings to the Lewiston community, emphasizing unity, strength, and peace following the tragic mass shootings 🙏

Pope Francis Reaffirms Church’s Stance on Male-Only Holy Orders

Pope Francis emphasized the unique and irreplaceable role of women in the Church while maintaining the tradition of male-only holy orders 👉

Meet the Catholic Bishop Who Never Became a Priest: Yes, That...

Surely a bishop must be a priest—right? 🤨 Here's the extraordinary tale of Henri, Duke of Verneuil, a French Catholic bishop who was never ordained! 👉

Pope Francis and President Biden Discuss Paths to Peace in Israel...

In a 20-minute call, Pope Francis and President Biden discussed the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, emphasizing the need for lasting peace 👉

Did You Know There’s an Indulgence You Can Receive at the...

Discover the Church's profound gesture of grace: the "in articulo mortis" indulgence, offering spiritual soDiscover the Church's profound gesture of grace: the "in articulo mortis" indulgence, offering spiritual solace at the moment of death 🕊️lace at life's final moment 🕊️

Pope Francis Meets With US LGBT Group New Ways Ministry

Pope Francis met with Sister of Loretto Jeannine Gramick and other leaders of New Ways Ministry, a US LGBT organization denounced by US Bishops and the Vatican in the past 👉

Watch: Catholic Nun Tackles Environmentalist at Church Construction Site in France

A Catholic nun tackled an eco-activist at a French church construction site as tensions rose over rare plants—watch here 👉

Catholic Jerusalem Patriarch Offers Himself for Hamas Hostages

The Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa has offered himself in exchange for hostages held by Hamas 👉