Pope Francis Entrusts Benedict XVI to Virgin Mary

🙏 Pray for Benedict XVI! Pope Francis entrusted the late pope to the Blessed Mother. Here's what he said 👉

Read Benedict XVI’s Spiritual Testament

Every pope writes a spiritual testament made public only after their death. Here is Benedict XVI's 👉

Report: 100+ Priests & Nuns Kidnapped, Detained, or Murdered in 2022

In 2022, several priests and nuns were killed, kidnapped, and detained while performing their duties in various countries, highlighting the dangers they face and the need for their protection.

Benedict XVI’s Health “Remains Serious,” Says Vatican

According to the Vatican, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is facing serious health challenges at 95 but remains alert and lucid. Pope Francis invites prayers for him! 🙏

Tour D.C. Basilica Virtually & See the Joyful Mysteries of Christmas...

Looking for a festive and free way to celebrate the Christmas season? Join a virtual tour of the beautiful D.C. basilica and experience the Joyful Mysteries of Christmas!

Pope Francis Pleads for Prayers for Benedict XVI

🙏 Pray for Pope Benedict XVI! The Vatican said his health has been "worsening" and shared an official prayer for him.

Discover the First Nativity Scene Figurines on Display in Rome

The oldest known Nativity scene figurines, created in the 13th century, are on display in Rome's Basilica of St. Mary Major! Here's what they look like.

Why Do We Venerate Martyr Saints During Christmas?

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Archaeologists to Open Tomb of Jesus’ Midwife to the Public

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Pope Francis Shares Tale of Meeting Menacing Tattooed Man

Pope Francis shared a heartwarming story of helping a tattooed man overcome a difficult challenge 👉