Please comment below to leave your prayer request. As your request will be prayed for, please also pray for the petitions of others! Remember in your prayers, those in purgatory, all those suffering around the world, and for the intentions of the Pope! Lord, hear our prayer!

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  1. Lord thank you for evrything, I always ask for the healing of my insomnia, please Lord I’m so tired of it, for the soul of my parents Maria and Cirillo Washington and my son Michael,and also for all the forgotten souls in porgatory ,forgive them o lord, protect all my children from all danger I pray these in Jesus name amen

  2. Heavenly Father I pray to beat cancer fully. I ask for the Holy Spirit to descend upon me for the calm I need today. I ask for a clean, clear, cancer free MRI on 10-19 through the intercession of St Jude, St Peregrine, Padre Pio and the sacred heart of Jesus. Blessed Mother be with my daughter and grandson as he enters the world, keep them both safe. Nothing is impossible with God!

  3. I pray for cure of dev from illness and to be restored to good health. I pray for getting extension in service. Pray for peace in our country and in the world. I pray for health and healing for self family and near ones. Pray for our Holy Father and all priests. I pray for the gift of faith for dev and basu.

  4. Asking for prayers for a special intention. Our Lord know what is heavy in my heart. Prayibg for my work the people I work with. praying for my finances and retirement. praying for my family and those I promised to pray for. I ask all this in Jesus’ name.

  5. I pray for the sick Richard, Agnes, Kanimary, Sherena’s mum,Tina. Strenght and comfort for my dad n anyone else going thru dylasis. Healing for Helen after Surgery.. Comfort for family of departed Soul Arul Davasakayam.
    For all departed souls in purgatory especially those who have no one to pray for . Pray for stop of human trafficking and deliverance from abuse and torture especially children.
    For myself, deliverance from financial situation and grant financial aid urgently. Good opportunity at work and deliverance from bossy bosses.
    For good health and care of my husband, daughter and all other family members and friends.

  6. all the angels and saints and especiaally jesus mary and st joseph intercede for my family especially grandson and daughter for complete healing from evey illness and mental and emotional problems that is preventing them form serving and loving lord jesus. thanks in advance holy family for aanswered prayers. jesus i trust in you to take care of all our need .i ncrease my faith . and i ask all this in the name of jesus where there is power. amen amen and amen.

  7. Thank you so much Lord, for all my blessings, my family and friends, for my parish’s prayer group and for always helping me. I pray that my adult children will return to church and that my husband starts going to church with me. I lift up to you Lord, our marriage. Amen!

  8. Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, dearerst Jesus, and unfathomable Holy Spirit. I do not know what to pray for as the outcome of my child’s court case, but Holy Trinity, YOU know what is the best outcome. I ask that my child learns and improves their life from whatever the judge decides and pray that they rediscover faith in You. I ask this in Jesus’s name. Amen.

  9. I ask you, Lord, for enmity between my sister and her adult children (and their spouses) ends as she undergoes chemotherapy for breast cancer so that she can have a joyful recovery or peaceful death, Lord, whichever you see fit to occur. I ask for graceful acceptance for all if it is the latter.

  10. We pray for the souls of all the loved ones who have passed on. Especially for my dad as who would have been 84 today. Happy Birthday Pop. We love you and miss you.

  11. Prayers for my mom of 87. Elva Laurel will be undergoing open heart surgery. We pray for a successful surgery and recovery. May your angel St. Rafael decend on her and heal her. This i ask in your name Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  12. lord jesus sna po mtpos n problema ko s mga gmot risdin n green rivotril syclop xanor serenace akineton ziproc altrox akidin pls vit ni kuya emil tolanz pls sna wg n po un gmulo s isip ko pls sna wla n bmulong kalain bakekang panget pg umiinom ako gmot umaga at gabi pls sna wg n tmambay s lbas cla gami aldrin chris kalbo pls sna tmhmk n pristina pls sna wg n kmi mgkailangan ni pyt pls sna wg n rn sna sya mglakwatsa pls sna umuwi n sya maaga plgi pls sna wg nko mlgsan ng ngipin kht kelan pls sna wg nko mhilo mtrnta matense kht kelan pls sna wg nko guluhin ng taong nkkslmuha ko pls sna mgnda araw ko plgi pls sna mklipat nko trece pls lpit n prng awa mo n lord pls sna mkbyd kmi monthly trece pls sna mgswa nmn kakalakwatsa cla pyt at manas pls tska nlng pglipat ko trece pls sna mtgl p mgpbkod c kalbo pls sna wg n rn sna sya mgitara lbas nla pls sna wg n rn sna sya mgybng kotse nya pls sna wg n rn sna sya tmambay lbas nla pls sna mka di out ako wed pgcmba ko pls gmot o vit pls sna mkmove on nko pumogi mgkagf mgkwork mgka peace of mind sna tmng panahon p uwi ni kuya emil pls sna wg muna ngaun pls sna mgka tubig at kuryente n ds wk n ppasok pls s trece pls sna wla ko mkaaway dun pls sna thmk dun wla gaya gaya pls sna tmhmk n pristina pls sna ptwd po s lht ng kslanan ko sna tablan nmn ng dsal cla pyt at manas pls bsta lht ng nnnakit s kin pls sna tmhmk n pristina pls sna ptwd po s lht ng kslanan ko tnx amen

  13. I ask for prayers for the health and wellbeing of my parents, siblings, children, and wife. I request wisdom and assistance with my financial problems. I especially ask that my all my family return to the Church.

  14. Please pray for my teenage daughter who is dealing with anxiety, insomnia and compulsive disorder. Her heart has been badly wounded by bullying. May she find healing in body, mind, and spirit. Thank you.

  15. Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, now and for evermore. Amen. Mary Mother of God Pray for us. All the Angels and Saints pray for us. Amen.

  16. Holy Lord Father in Heaven. Look down on your children; those who afflicted in faith, the sick and homeless. Father in Heaven you are the Alpha and the Omega. ..creator of all things… let us pick up our crosses and follow you… let us have a forgiving heart and may we pray for eternal life . I pray for the works of my hands ; for my children and family. I praise you Father for all you have done for us and continue to do for us.
    Holy Lord heavenly Father I pray for those non believers… let the ears hear; let their eyes see and let their tongues speak!
    In times of trouble let us not loose hope but be sttong in Spirit . Let the Holy Spirit guide us together with our Mother Mary.
    I ask all this in The Lord Jesus Christ

  17. Heavenly Father, thank you for yesterday and today. I have done other tasks and utilized my time wisely. Forgive me for my sins and be my shepherd towards new directions in life. I’m praying for the souls of my Mother Carmen, Father Vic, Brother Nelson whom I had visited yesterday. Please always open the doors of heaven for them together with my relatives who passed away already. Provide me inner strength and peace and help me to accomplish things that are important. I’m also praying for the requests and intentions of the members of this online community. Lord, hear our prayers. In Jesus name, Amen.

  18. Lord, I pray for the soul of Byron Stone Holcomb, who was killed at the battle of Antietam this day, 155 years ago, fighting for the Union Army, and the freedom of people. Peace be with you, Byron…

  19. Lord increase my faith and help me fight every unseen Battle ,in all I will do o lord bless ,these re my prayers o lord ,grant them through Christ our lord.

  20. Lord Jesus, I pray for forgiveness for my sins and that of my family. I beg of you to help the next two events we will be attending may go smoothly and peacefully – Amen.


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