Catholic Response to Racism


Father Michael Nixon offers insight into how we, as Catholics, Christians & followers of Jesus Christ, should respond to the issues of racism and injustice in our society on this episode of Made for Glory.

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  1. I have experience prejudice in my life. I am Cuban, came here as a child, in the Peter Pan program , at 10 I was sent to a Catholic Orphanage in Saginaw Michigan. We reunited with our parents 3 long years later. They arrived penniless , but they worked hard . Gave us a Catholic education and a home filled with love and family. I am now 68 years old, I consider myself Catholic, but not a practicing one. I’m married a fellow Cuban (47 years ago and he is a strict Catholic) we have raised two girls. A nurse and a yoga teachers. Let’s just say the nurse is right winger, big hearted and has given her girl a Catholic education. The yoga teacher leans left and does not even desipline her 4 year old boy.
    The current political situation with the Black Live Matter has me very upset, since all lives matter. Blacks seem to take the opportunity to loote , riot, an burn down neighborhoods. They beat up old people, and women. They kill our police officers, and I don’t see our white going into the black hoods to burn an loote for committing crimes. Tell me why I should not feel racist,,,,are we all not created by one God? The have had the same opportunity as we to bring themselves up, some have done well ! Please tell me , I am mad and upset! If we loose our USAto the left,where do we go? I’m too old to start again. Help ,,,I am further loosing my faith…

  2. No Father. You don’t know what you are talking about. So young. So much to learn. So politically correct. If Jesus walked the earth today, and if he was “white” or Chaldean, which arguably is also considered “white”, Jesus would be called a racist just because of the color of his skin. Think about it. If we are not racist in our hearts, we are not the ones who are polarizing, it is the BLM and CRT crowd who are truly the racists. It is they who are polarizing. I have been listening to the “other perspectives” for decades – for decades – and it has accomplished nothing, and I’m sick and tired of being considered something I’m not just because of the color of my skin. That reverses racism is despicable. Try addressing that one. I don’t need to go out and engage anyone, but I do need to defend my home, my wife and family against those that have been taught that the world owes them something because they are either black, lazy or both. I owe those types of people nothing, yet that is exactly what they are demanding. Christ doesn’t tell us to go out and engage anyone who hates us for the color of our skin, yet that is what you are advocating. Try using the same logic on the black community. Try telling them that they need to go out with Christ-like love and engage the white community. Try telling them that they need to approach others to get alternative viewpoints and see how far that gets you. Then you better duck when they start burning down and looting your home.


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