The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) recently published their hate crime data for 2020.

They previously reported 595 hate crime incidents against Christians in 2019. For 2020, this number grew to 981 hate crime incidents, an increase of nearly 66%.

These 981 hate crimes break down to 56 violent attacks against people, 55 threats of violence, and 871 attacks against property. These included arson attacks on Churches, desecration and theft of the Eucharist, assaults on clergy, and anti-Catholic vandalism like graffiti.

Poland had the most anti-Christian hate crimes reported (241), followed by Germany (172), France (159), and Italy (113).

The Observatory of Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians based in Austria released a statement saying the “hatred of Christians is hardly noticed as an increasingly obvious social problem.”

“The OSCE report reflects only part of this trend, which we have been documenting for years, and yet it is a loud wake-up call against indifference and fashionable Christian-bashing.”

View the full OSCE data here.

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